A Tradition of Quality

Our founder insisted on using only premium quality materials & superior construction methods to produce a more durable, more resilient product.

brightly colored fabric with a crisp floral print used to make rocking chair cushions on the porch

We make our cushions with "first quality" fabrics, for brighter colors and crisper prints.

durable upholstery fabric used to make long-lasting dining room chairs at barnett home decor

We make our cushions with upholstery weight fabrics, tested for durability, and rated to last for years.

fade resistant indoor outdoor fabric used to make porch rocker cushions at barnett home decor

Our Garden Collection cushions are made with fabrics that are weather resistant & stain resistant without chemical treatments.

weather resistant fade resistant fabric used to make barnett home decor patio chair cushions

Our Garden Collection cushions are also fade resistant.

greenguard certified brisbane collection cushions from barnett home decor

Our Brisbane Collection cushions are made with Greenguard Gold Certified fabrics.

brisbane collection fabrics have the lowest carbon footprint of any textile (higg index)

Brisbane Collection cushions are made from textiles with the lowest carbon footprint (Higg Index).

barnett home decor 60 years of latex foam cushions

We've used latex foam fill in our chair pads and rocker cushions for more than 60 years.

customers love the premium comfort offered by our latex foam filled cushions

Latex foam fill offers premium comfort.

How comfortable is it?

"Using them on our kitchen chairs makes it really comfortableto sit for hours hanging out with friends. Great product!"

-Karen H.

latex foam can last up to 20 years longer than other foams

Latex foam lasts longer than other foams.

How much longer?

"A poor quality foam ... can deteriorate noticeably in 1 year, while a quality latex core can last 20 years or more."

Source: Mattress. in Wikipedia, The Online Encyclopedia (December 30, 2014)

latex foam lasts longer than polyester fiber fill

Unlike polyester fiber fill, latex foam won't go flat.

How resilient is it?

In 2016, we tested how much poly fiber fill cushions flatten over time compared to latex foam cushions.

After 3 months, the polyester fiber fill cushion flattened more than 50%.

The latex foam cushion flattened 0%.

hand crafted cushions made by skilled sewers with no automation

Our cushions are still hand-crafted by skilled sewers, not mass-produced by automation.

We use durable lock-stitch seams unlike competitors who use chain-stitch seams.

(Chain-stitch is the string you pull to open a bag of charcoal or a bag of dog food.)

triple sitched ties ensure your cushions won't slide off of your chairs

Our ties are triple-stitched so they won't easily pop off.

quality products made in USA with American-made or imported fabrics

Made in USA with American-made or imported fabrics

We design, cut, sew, fill & ship from Macon, GA, USA.

Unlike some "Made in USA" brands that outsource part of their production to foreign countries.