Experiment Time - We test how much poly fiber fill cushions flatten over time vs latex foam cushions [Youtube Video]

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YouTube Video Transcript

We use premium latex foam fill in our cushions.


  • It's more comfortable
  • It's machine washable
  • It lasts longer than other foams
  • And most importantly, unlike polyester fiber fill, latex foam fill will not go flat over time.

How much does polyester fiber fill flatten over time, compared to latex foam fill?

We conducted an experiment to find out.

We started with a Barnett brand cushion from our meeting table.

The Barnett cushion was about three years old.

Then we purchased a competitor's poly fiber fill cushion.

The poly fill cushion was about two and one half inches thick.

We sat on each cushion for about three months.

The poly fill cushion had flattened over 50%, to a thickness of just one inch.

After three years and three months, the Barnett cushion was still as thick as the day it was made.

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