• Last Longer Than Any Pads

    I have had 10 chair pads from Barnett Home Decor for over 25 years. They are still just as full and beautiful as ever. I have tried other cushions, but they never held their shape. The quality of work after all these years is still superior to other companies. They are not cheap, but the looks, comfort and quality are well worth it.

    Susan S.H. | Dahlonega, GA

  • Over 20 Years

    We've owned Barnett cushions before and had over 20 years of good experience with them, but it was time to get new ones.

    No problem with ordering them. They shipped them to us in no time at all, and the price was right. They are exactly as we expected.

    George B. | Columbia Station, OH

  • Definitely Recommend

    I've been searching local stores for cushions for my rocking chair and couldn't find any that were the right size or color I wanted, so when I went online and found “Barnett home decor” I found what I was looking for.

    I loved the fact that they were also made in the USA.

    Yvonne H. | Goldsboro, NC

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