Collection: Square Bar Stool Cushions for Metal Bar Stools

Our square bar stool cushions are designed to fit Tolix stools, a popular metal barstool with gently curved edges.  With sturdy ties at the four corners, our cushions can be attached to any stool with a square seat, whether it's a backless stool or a stool with a back.  These hard to find 12 x 12 metal bar stool cushions are made with latex foam fill for a nice thick pad that won't go flat.

Square Bar Stool Cushions for Metal Bar Stools

History of the Tolix stool

In 1934, French designer Xavier Pauchard introduced the "A Chair", which was produced in his workshop named The Tolix Company. An early adopter of the galvanization technique, Pauchard's steel industrial stools became ubiquitous in restaurants and eateries because they were affordable, durable, stackable, easy to clean, and suitable for indoor or outdoor dining al fresco. In recent years the stools have made a comeback in modern homes, together with the Tolix chairs made in the same style.