Care Instructions


Most of our cushions, including dining chair pads, rocking chair pads, travel buddies, and bar stool pads are machine washable!  Please check the care instructions indicated on the label to confirm that your cushion is made in a machine washable fabric.*  If your label indicates that your cushion is made of an indoor/outdoor fabric see the additional care instructions for indoor/outdoor items below.  

Please follow these care instructions when machine washing your chair pads:

Washing Instructions

  1. Balance your washing machine before washing.
  2. Latex fill will become very heavy when wet, do not overload your washer.
  3. Wash with like colors.
  4. Wash in cool water.
  5. Wash on gentle cycle.
  6. Use a gentle detergent such as Woolite. Do not use strongly acidic or strongly alkaline detergents; do not use brighteners, bleach or "color safe" bleach.
  7. See Stain Remover section below for warnings about stain removal products.

Drying Instructions

  1. Press out excess water after washing.
  2. For faster drying, air dry outside.  To avoid fading, do not dry in direct sun, (unless your item is labeled "Indoor/Outdoor").
  3. For best results, dry on a rack or hang on a line.
  4. Allow 24 hours or more to dry completely.
  5. You may dry in a well-ventilated area indoors, but allow additional time for drying.
  6. Turn the chair pad periodically as it dries.
  7. When pad is almost dry, you may fluff the cushion in the dryer on a "no heat" setting. 

Cushion Care Warnings

  • Items made in tapestry fabrics, such as the Woodlands Collection, are not machine washable.  Tapestry fabrics are spot clean only.
  • Heat will cause the latex fill to degrade. Do not put your cushion in the dryer if your dryer gets warm on "air dry" or "fluff" cycle. Do not expose cushions to direct desert conditions, flame or other sources of heat.
  • See Stain Remover section below for warnings about stain removal products
  • We will be unable to issue a refund or replacement if the item is damaged due to failure to follow care instructions. 

Window Treatments & Table Linens

    • To Freshen or Dust
      • For best results, remove dust with vacuum cleaner using a clean upholstery attachment or tumble in the dryer on a no-heat setting with a dryer sheet.
    • To Clean When Soiled
      • Dry Cleaning
        • Dry Cleaning is the recommended method for cleaning soiled window treatments and table linens for any of the following cases:
          • The item has any amount of rayon or linen content
          • The item is lined
          • The item features decorative trim
          • The item has any amount of cotton content and you wish to avoid slight shrinking or slight fading
        • Dry Cleaning Warnings: Cotton items may deteriorate and/or yellow if dry cleaned too frequently, use this method only when necessary.
      • Machine Washing
        • If the fabric content is cotton, polyester, or a cotton/poly blend, Machine Washing is an alternative method for cleaning soiled window treatments and table linens in the following cases:
          • The item is un-lined, or the item is reversible to the same fabric on both sides,
          • (and) you feel that slight fading or slight shrinking is ok for cotton and cotton blend fabrics.
        • Care Instructions for Machine Washing
          • Wash on gentle cycle in cool water with like colors.
          • Use gentle detergent such as Woolite.  Do not use bleach, brighteners, color-safe bleach or strongly acidic or strongly alkaline detergents.
          • Air dry on a rack or on a line. Do not expose to direct sunlight (unless your item is labeled "Indoor/Outdoor").
        • Machine Washing Warnings
          • Machine washing is not recommended for items which are lined or reverse to a different fabric on the back.
          • See Stain Remover section below for warnings about stain removal products.
          • We will be unable to issue a refund or replacement if the item is damaged due to failure to follow care instructions. 

Indoor/Outdoor Furnishings

Items made from Indoor/Outdoor fabrics are labeled "Indoor/Outdoor" and may also be listed as "I/O", "Porch", or "Patio".  Follow machine washing care instructions on this page for cushions, unlined window treatments and unlined table linens made of indoor/outdoor fabric.  An alternate cleaning method for Indoor/Outdoor cushions it to hose them off with a garden hose (cool water) and allow them to air dry. After hosing off, machine washing, or drenching rain, it is recommended that you press out any excess water by hand, then allow the cushions to air dry completely before use or storage.  Indoor/Outdoor fabric fibers are mildew resistant, but mildew may develop if not allowed to dry completely. Each Indoor/Outdoor fabric is rated to withstand fading for a maximum number of hours of direct sunlight exposure. Check your fabric listing to determine if your item is rated for up to 500, 1200, or 6000 hours of direct light exposure. Exposing the item to direct sun for longer than the item rating may result in fading. For the maximum life of your item, we recommend storing the cushions out of direct sun when not in use.  Indoor/Outdoor items are not recommended for direct exposure to desert environments. 

Latex Foam Fill Items

Latex foam will last many years under normal household conditions if care instructions are followed.  Do not expose latex foam filled items to flame; product is not "fireproof" and is not treated with flame retardant chemicals.  Do not expose to heat; latex foam will degrade if exposed to high temperatures or prolonged heat.  Our cushions feature extra tacking stitches to help keep foam fill in place, but foam fill is pliable and may shift slightly after shipment or washing. The cushion will return to full size and the fill will redistribute evenly after sitting on the cushion or leaning on the back rest. Fill may be redistributed manually if desired.

Stain Resistant Treatment

All items made of indoor/outdoor fabric have inherent stain resistance, which is a quality of the polyester or acrylic fibers; it is not a chemical treatment and it is not lost after rain or washing.  Many of our indoor fabrics receive a stain resistant treatment from the fabric supplier, however, stain resistant treatment on indoor fabrics may be lost after cleaning with detergent.  Other than the inherent stain resistance of indoor/outdoor fabrics, or the stain resistant treatment applied by some fabric suppliers, we do not treat our products with stain resistant treatment.  If you wish to avoid purchasing an item that has stain resistant treatment applied we can help you select an item made from a fabric that was not treated by the supplier.  If desired, you may apply or re-apply a stain resistant treatment such as ScotchGuard after purchasing or after washing. Test an inconspicuous area, such as a string tie or the reverse of the hem, before applying treatment all over.  Please note, stain resistant treatments and fabrics with inherent stain resistance are not "stain-proof".  For best results, clean up spills immediately; some substances may stain fabric even if washed immediately; we do not charge extra for items with stain resistance and we cannot guarantee the effectiveness of any stain resistant fabrics.

Stain Remover Treatment

Some stain remover products will cause fading, discoloration or will leave a residue. If your item is damaged by using bleach, brighteners, stain removal products, or harsh detergents with a strong alkaline ph or acid ph, we will be unable to repair or replace your item, and we will be unable to offer a refund.  We recommend testing on an inconspicuous area or on a fabric swatch before attempting stain removal. Please contact customer service to request a fabric swatch; a photo of your item would be very helpful if you don't remember the name of your fabric.