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Barnett Dining Room Chair Cushions Are Made To Last

Fine china in the formal dining room, stoneware in the kitchen, or paper plates on the patio, nothing goes better with your dinnerware than Barnett dining chair cushions. Whether you're hosting a dinner party, planning a family game night, or celebrating the holidays, your friends and family will linger longer at the table with comfortable dining room chair cushions from Barnett Home Decor. 

Speaking of, if you're using the dining table as a home office, or if someone in your family does their homework at the table, you owe it to yourselves to make a spot you can sit for hours without getting a sore bottom or a stiff back. We can offer you a solution to that problem that's a lot less ugly and embarrassing than the therapeutic seat pads you would get from an office supply store.

We frequently hear from customers who have had their kitchen chair cushions for more than ten years, and are coming back to Barnett Home Décor for another chair cushion set because they are repainting the dining room a different color, or adding a breakfast nook to the home kitchen. Once you've shopped our wide variety of patterns and colors, you'll find we can't be beat for comfort and style. We carry every cushion style from formal to casual, beach themed to farmhouse decor style.

Made in USA with your choice of imported or American-made fabrics

Unlike some competitors who claim to be Made in America, but outsource part of their manufacturing process, our soft home furnishings are designed, cut, sewn, filled, and finished here at our historic Bellevue Mills facility in Macon, Georgia, USA. You can rest easy purchasing our home fashions, knowing that you're purchasing a product made under safe working conditions, with fair wages and reasonable working hours.  We believe we have a duty to future generations, so we use pre-consumer recycled materials in our products, and we don't ship in plastic bags.

Barnett dining chair pads are made by skilled sewers, not mass-produced by automation

If you're shopping for a dining chair cushion with ties, be sure to read the reviews! Some cheaply made brands can't survive the chair being scooted in or back from the table. Our kitchen chair cushion is crafted to old-fashioned standards of quality and features lock-stitched seams and triple-stitched ties for greater durability.

What's the difference between lock-stitched seams and chain-stitched seams? Chain-stitch is the string you pull to open a bag of charcoal briquettes or a bag of dog food. It saves a manufacturer a lot of time and money to use chain-stitch, but we refuse to cut corners. We insist on more durable lock-stitch seams.

Barnett seat cushions feature latex foam fill, for a more durable padded seat that won't go flat. Latex foam fill offers premium comfort and lasts longer than memory foam cushions. Each dining chair pillow is fully reversible to the same fabric on both sides, or to a coordinating fabric.  The vast majority of our customers love the firm comfort of a latex foam chair pillow, but you don't have to take our word for it. You can request a free sample; we'll come back to that in a minute.

What do I need to know about buying cushions for dining chairs online?

When shopping for a dining chair pad with ties, be sure to measure your dining chair before ordering. Barnett makes standard and extra large dining chair cushions to fit most chairs, but kitchen chairs and dining room chairs are not all made in standard sizes, so be sure to measure your chairs before ordering. 70% of returns are from customers who tried to guess which size they needed instead of measuring. 

View the Size Guide on the product page for an illustrated guide that shows how to measure for dining chair cushions, or get a free sample cushion with the Try It Before You Buy It program -just pay shipping and handling. 

Our cushions are available in a variety of colors and styles. Because colors viewed online vary depending on device and settings, its very important to request free fabric swatches before you order. That way you can also see how the colors will appear under the lighting in your home.

One more thing you need to know, if you're looking for cushions you can leave outside, you won't find them on this page. Instead, please head over to our Garden Collection.

How do I know if "machine washable cushions" are really safe to wash in the washing machine?

Although some of our competitors are starting to advertise that their kitchen chair cushions with ties are machine washable, most polyester fill cushions do not hold up well to machine washing. However, most of Barnett's tufted cushions are machine washable and they feature extra tufts to help keep the shredded foam fill in place. 

Our more durable fabrics and construction methods help with this too. Our cushions are built to survive washing, squashing, spills, shedding pets, tipsy guests, rambunctious kids, and generally anything life could throw your way. 

Rather than making cushions with removeable covers, our products are designed for you to throw the whole cushions in the washing machine, to refresh the foam as well as the fabric. In addition to being more convenient, washing the pads with the foam inside helps the latex foam last longer and stay fluffy over time.

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