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In the introduction, we'll discuss 3 topics to consider before selecting a size. If you prefer to skip the introduction, you can jump directly to the size charts which feature photos, approximate dimensions, videos, and helpful information about each product style that we make.

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Sizing Considerations

Should the cushion cover 100% of the seat? Most customers find that the cushion is comfortable as long as the approximate dimensions of the chair pad are within 1"-2" of the seat size (plus or minus). The mail order catalogs that carry our products typically show 1"-2" of seat around the cushion in their catalog photos, but you can select a size that covers more of the seat if you prefer the look. Back rest cushions are typically comfortable as long as the cushion covers the spindles; whether you select a size that will completely cover the spanners is a matter of preference. Cushions may not fit all styles of furniture, and furniture size labels vary by brand, please measure your furniture before you purchase. Please don't assume that your seat is "standard" or "extra-large", you might be surprised!

Q: Why do some cushions say "Standard" but others say "Small"?

A: Cushions made with indoor/outdoor fabrics are sized according to outdoor furniture standards; outdoor furniture is typically larger.


Our items are made by skilled sewers, not mass-produced by machine! If you've grown accustomed to purchasing mass-produced items, you may not be familiar with ordering products that have a "tolerance". In the textiles industry, "tolerance" is the degree of slight variation which is acceptable in a finished product. Textiles include fashion clothing and home decor made from fabric. Tolerances may include slight differences from featured size, weight, shape, construction or fabric characteristics. You can read about how tolerances differ from manufacturer's defects here. We trust that if you're shopping with us, you share our belief that the unique characteristics of hand-crafted goods are part of their beauty.

Approximate Dimensions

It is only possible to give approximate measurements for items made from fabric and fill, because these materials are pliable. Pliable means the item is made of materials that can move to some degree; this shifting, compressing or expanding can result in slight changes to the size and shape. Following proper care instructions for your fill will allow your item to recover it's proper size and shape. Fill means shredded latex foam for cushions and travel buddies. Decorative pillows are filled with polyester fiber or feathers & down. With more than 60 years of experience making latex foam filled cushions and textile home decor, you can trust that our approximate dimensions have allowed thousands of customers to order to their satisfaction! (Well, you don't have to take our word for it, you can read some of our recent testimonials. )