Bargain Bin

up to 70% Off on second quality & irregular merchandise

Bargain Bin items are not returnable.  Please see the product description and note the item condition before purchasing.  Contact Customer Service before purchasing if you have any questions.

Condition Grading

Condition A - New, First Quality

Condition B - New, Slightly Irregular

Condition C - New, Moderate Defect

Condition D - Like New or Good Condition

Condition F - Defective, Usable

Product Style

Bargain Bin items may be first quality or second quality, please see the product description. Some Bargain Bin items allow you to select the color and pattern you want, unless you see a question mark on the product image (those are random assortment). Bargain Bin items are not returnable, all sales are final; please read the product description to understand the quality or condition of the item before purchasing.


New, First Quality

  • Discontinued
  • Prototype
  • Photo Sample
  • No Defects or Flaws


New, Slightly Irregular

  • Slight flaw or small defect only noticeable on close inspection
  • Slight Flaw or Small Defect only visible on one side of cushion
  • Pulled thread
  • Weavers knot
  • Thick or long slub
  • Tiny ink mark
  • Inclusion of colored fiber
  • Small printers error
  • 1-3 small drill holes located close to bartack
  • Unique dye lot, thread color, ties, yoke, trim or reverse fabric unique size, tie length, rod pocket or header size


New, Moderate Defect

  • Flaw or defect is noticeable on casual inspection on one or both sides
  • Flaw or defect does not affect usability of item
  • Pulled thread
  • Ink marks
  • Pinters error
  • Uneven dye application
  • Multiple thread colors used
  • +3 drill holes, larger drill holes, or drill holes located further from the bartacks
  • Imperfect appearance of stitching or bartacks that will not result in seam or tack failure


Like New or Good Condition

  • Item shows light wear
  • Showroom floor samples
  • May be slightly faded, discolored or dusty


Defective, Usable

  • Noticeable cosmetic flaw
  • Item is still usable for comfort
  • Mismatched ties
  • Upside down pattern
  • Inside out fabric
  • Misplaced bartacks
  • Noticeable stain, fading, or discoloration

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FAQs About the Bargain Bin

Bargain bin items are non-returnable and non-refundable.  Please see the quality grading scale and read the product description for information about the nature of the flaw or defect before you order.

No, we do not sell items returned in used condition. If a bargain bin item notes wear and tear such as scuffs or slight stains, the condition comes from being handled in our factory, warehouse, photo studio, or showroom.