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Bargain Bin items may be first quality or second quality.  Bargain Bin items are not returnable, all sales are final; please read the product description to understand the quality or condition of the item before purchasing.

Bargain Bin

You can select the color and pattern you want for most Bargain Bin Items. Items with a question mark for the product image are Assorted, we'll choose for you if you select Assorted.

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Quality Grading Guide

Click on a condition grade below to learn more about what kind of flaw the product may have (if any).

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Condition A - First Quality

Orphan: A rocking chair cushion seat that does not have a matching back cushion, or a rocking chair cushions back cushion that does not have a matching seat cushion.

Prototype: An early sample of a product made to test function or audience interest. May not be made to the same specifications / dimensions as finished products.

Sample: An item made to demonstrate appearance to a potential buyer or made to be photographed for inclusion in a print or web catalog. May show light wear from being handled by photographers but has not been used in a customer's home.

Last Units: The remaining items in stock of an item that has been discontinued. May not be enough remaining in stock to make a full set. Item will not be restocked in the future.

Unique SKU: Items made in a configuration that is not regularly available for sale at and will not be made again.

Condition B1 - Irregular

Dye Lot: Shade or Hue of Color of bargain items is slightly different than shade or hue of color of other items made from the same fabric pattern. For example bargain units of "Corduroy Navy" may be a darker shade or a brighter blue than other units of "Corduroy Navy".

Wrong Thread Color: The thread used to sew the seams, ties or bartacks is not the thread color assigned to be used on the given fabric. The same thread color is used throughout.

Wrong Ties: The fabric used to make the chair ties is not the fabric assigned to be used for making ties for the given seat fabric.

Wrong Yoke or Reverse Fabric: The fabric used to make the yoke of a barstool cushion or to make the back of a cushion is not the fabric assigned to be used for the given seat face fabric or top fabric.

Unique Header or Rod Pocket: The valance has been made with header or rod pocket specifications which do not match the listed configuration for the valance. For example, the rod pocket on the bargain units may fit a utility rod, but the other correctly made units are made to fit a continental rod.

Condition B2 - Small Flaw (Not Noticable on Casual Inspection)

Pulled Thread: A single yarn has snagged and pulled from a woven cloth. Not expected to continue to unravel. May leave a slight open area where the single loose yarn has been removed.

Weavers Knots: Tiny knots smaller than a sesame seed are visible on the outside of the cushion instead of being invisible on the inside of the cushion. Weavers knots are natural to loom woven fabrics and will not contribute to the unraveling of the fabric.

Slub: A thicker section of yarn or small lumpy section of yarn. Slubs are natural to some textiles such as cotton, linen and wool.

Ink Mark: A very small stroke of ink from an ink pen. May or may not wash out. Only present on one side of cushion.

Colored Fiber Inclusion: A small section of yarn from a different colored fabric which has been unintentionally trapped in a woven cloth during the weaving process. May or may not be possible to pick the foreign thread out with a needle.

Small Print Error: A small section of the printed pattern where the print plates did not align properly or retained a smudge from a previous plate. May cause the pattern to have an unintentional outline or slight ghost image. May also include a small area where the print ink did not adhere leaving a small white section.

Condition B3 - Minor Defect

Drill Holes: Tiny holes about the size of a poppy seed which are not visible on casual inspection because they are located very near to the bartack stiches. Holes are not expected to grow or shrink and will not lead to destruction of cushion over time.

Slight Bartack Error: The stitches used to create the tufts of the cushion are positioned incorrectly but are only off position by a small amount. Unlikely to be noticed on casual inspection by the untrained eye.

Irregular Size: The finished size of the item has measurements that are off by more than the amount of variation permitted for tolerance for hand-crafted items. Dining chair cushions and small items have a tolerance of +/- 1". Rocking chair cushions and large items have a tolerance of +/- 2".