Tropical is a decor style that features the flowers and foliage of tropical plants. Sometimes it will feature other motifs related to beach or tropical locales. It is mostly seen in beach and transitional decors but also appears in tiki-themed mid-century design.

Tropical motifs were a part of Australian art that began over 40,000 years ago and continue on until this day. Tropical designs consists of bright colors, leaves, fruit, various birds, parrots, flamingos, flowers, and trees.

The style can go from the more natural and subdued color palettes of a bamboo huts and sandy beaches lined with palm trees or into the rich, bright colors of tropical flowers.

A more kitsch version of tropical is tiki which takes its inspiration from beachside bars that served up lavish, fruity cocktails. It is kitschy and fun just like a Hawaiian shirt. It was popular in mid-century decor and is making a resurgence.

Another version of tropical decor is more subtle and has been popularized by designers such as Tommy Bahama whose modern take on tropical features furniture with bamboo and cane accents and calming color palettes. This is version of tropical is more common to transitional decor.

Whatever your favorite version of tropical decor is, it will always bring a bit of the islands into your home.

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