"Damask is a Jacquard woven fabric with one warp thread and one weft yarn. The pattern is typically worked in a single color with the shiny fibers, or satin weave, creating the face of the pattern, while the duller fibers, or sateen weave, forms the ground of the pattern."
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The name Damask comes from the city of Damascus which was an active in both trade and manufacturing. The weaving method produces a reversible cloth.

Historically the fabric was made of silk, wool, linen or cotton, but most damasks today are made in polyester or rayon. Modern Damasks are woven on computer controlled Jacquard looms.

Damask differs from Brocade in that only a single weft thread is used. As a monochromatic fabric, damask adds rich texture and elaborate patterns while remaining subtle and refined. It is the perfect choice for Victorian decors in that the single color does not clash with ornate furniture but the rich texture adds luxury.

Damask is a rich accent for modern decors such as transitional giving simple pieces an opulent feel.

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