Ten Great Uses for a Single Chair Pad

Ten Great Uses for a Single Chair Pad

10. Shock Absorber - We’ve been told a latex foam chair pad makes a great seat cushion for an old tractor or riding lawn mower.

9. Office Mate - Our dining chair pads fit most office chairs, and we can tell you from personal experience, they do work wonders.

8. Team Player - Take a Barnett chair pad to the ball game and those bleachers and stadium seats won’t be too cold, too hot, too hard or too sticky. (Thank goodness, our chair pads are machine washable.)

7. Booster Seat - You probably know a diminutive driver who could use another 2.5” to better see over the steering wheel, our latex foam chair pads never lose loft!

6. Pleased Knees - Take the pain out of gardening and heavy housework. An old chair pad makes a generously-sized kneeling pad, and the dirt won’t hurt, just throw it in the washer!

5. Spare Chair - We all have one, it used to belong to a dinette set we don’t have anymore or it followed us from our first apartment, somehow it ended up in the mud room or under those old clothes we keep meaning to drop off at the donation center. It’s old, ugly, and not very comfortable, but it was just useful enough that we never threw it out. Now it will have a friend.

4. Camper’s Companion - There are some things that are hard to do from a nylon camp chair, from playing guitar to getting up out of one, you might be able to think of a few more reasons a nice thick latex foam chair pad would be welcome around your campfire.

3. Yoga Buddy - Sitting, kneeling, standing on your head, sometimes a yoga mat just isn’t enough, but a throw pillow gets away from you and a block isn’t much better than a hard floor. Put a little chair pad under your padmasana and breathe easy.

2. Pet Bed - 4.9 out of 5 customers agree, our dining chair pad is the best seat in the house. Unfortunately, 4.9 out of 5 cats agree as well. If you want to keep Mr. Bigglesworth off the furniture, give him his own chair pad. Larger sizes make great dog beds, too.

1. Give it to a friend! - If you participated in our Try It Before You Buy It program, if it's been ten years since you bought your first set of Barnett chair pads and you're redecorating the kitchen, or if you stocked up on bargain bin cushions from the clearance department, introduce your friends, family and neighbors to the most comfortable, longest lasting chair pads they'll ever experience.  Let us know that you're planning to pass on a chair pad for a friend to try and we'll give them a 5% off coupon code so they can purchase a set that matches their own decor!

WHAT would YOU do with a single chair pad?  Give us your best idea for a chance to win a FREE chair pad!

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