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Our dining chair cushions and rocking chair cushions are curved (U-shaped) and tapered at the back.

The back of the cushion is approximately 5" smaller between the ties than across the front of the cushion.

All dimensions are approximate.

We've been using latex foam fill in our dining chair pads for more than 60 years!

Latex foam fill offers premium comfort, lasts longer than other foams, and won't go flat, unlike polyester fiber fill.

Plus, latex foam fill cushions are machine washable!

We sell cushions that can be used outside as well as cushions that should only be used indoors.

All of our cushions that can be used outside include "Indoor/Outdoor" in the product title. These cushions are made with fabrics that resist fading and protect themselves against mildew damage (without chemicals).

When you are viewing a category or collection, you can select the "outdoor" box to filter for only cushions that are safe to use outside.

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Most of our cushions are machine washable! You can select the "machine washable" filter on the collection page to view only machine washable cushions. See the Care Instructions for important information about how to wash and dry your chair pads. 

To protect the delicate woven yarns, our tapestry cushions are Spot Clean.

Our Brisbane collection cushions have a fashionable loose chunky weave that creates lots of texture. Because the weave leaves more open space between the yarns, these fabrics have an upholstery coating on the back that will dissolve if exposed to warm water or vigorous water agitation. For this reason, these cushions are hand wash or spot clean. But the good news is, they are stain resistant!

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Product Styles

Barnett makes 14 different styles of cushions to fit a variety of seat types.  Visit our size guide to see them all.  We also make coordinating window treatments, table linens, decorative pillows, and travel pillows.

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We do manufacture flat pads exclusively for our dealer, Vermont Country Store.

Our flat pads are filled with a sheet of polyurethane foam instead of latex foam. Therefore, our flat pads are not machine washable and are not guaranteed to retain resilience or last as long as latex foam. 

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We do not sell gripper pads because we have a better solution!

Our reversible chair pads feature sturdy ties that last longer and are more secure than gripper cushions.

Plus, you can insert a sheet of gripper shelf liner or rug liner under our cushions to get the best of both with none of the drawbacks.

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We do not make or sell memory foam cushions. Our latex foam fill is different than, and better than, memory foam.

Latex foam lasts longer than memory foam and is a better cushion for seated posture (as opposed to laying down).  Many of our customers also have health concerns about memory foam.

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Health & Environmental Questions

Barnett is proud to offer the Brisbane Collection of cushions made with Greenguard certified fabrics, free of PFCs and VOCs, with pre-consumer recycled and upcycled yarns and foam fill. As well as other options for health-conscious families looking for sustainable solutions, such as our 100% Cotton Americana collection.

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No, we do not apply flame retardant chemicals to our products and we do not purchase fabrics that have been treated with flame retardant chemicals.

Cushions should be kept away from flame and strong heat sources. (Heat will also degrade the latex foam fill).

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Barnett does not apply stain-resistant or water-resistant chemical treatments to our products, but some of our fabric suppliers treat some of the fabrics we carry with a product similar to Scotchgard prior to shipping the fabric to us.

Our Brisbane Collection is inherently stain-resistant and water resistant without ever applying a chemical treatment. Contact Customer service for a list of additional fabrics that are untreated and/or inherently stain resistant.

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Our latex foam fill is upcycled from pre-consumer recycled latex foam scrap.  Our suppliers are US based and send us a variable mix of natural and synthetic latex foam scrap.

All of our products are manufactured in a facility where latex foam is processed.

Please do not purchase anything from us if you or anyone in your household is allergic to latex.



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