Stop Your Chair Pads from Slipping with Gripper Sheets

Stop Your Chair Pads from Slipping with Gripper Sheets

If you're worried about your cushions moving around, don't buy gripper chair pads, we have a better solution for you!

Although your cushions with ties shouldn't move around much once they are securely tied on, if you like gripper style cushions you can get all of the advantages of a gripper with none of the disadvantages.  Just place a piece of gripper shelf liner, or a silicone trivet under your Barnett cushions and enjoy the best of both worlds.

What are the disadvantages of gripper cushions?

  • Gripper cushions aren't reversible. If you get a stain on one side, or it becomes worn, you'll have to live with it or throw the cushion away.
  • Most gripper cushions are not machine washable. If they are stain resistant it is typically from added chemicals.
  • Gripper cushions do not last as long. All of them will eventually lose their grip or the grip strip will peel off.
  • Gripper cushions are not as secure as cushions with ties, especially as the grip-strength lessens over time.
  • Gripper cushions are filled with polyester fiber foam that goes flat over time.

What are the advantages of Barnett cushions?

  • Barnett cushions are reversible. Flip it when one side becomes stained or worn for twice the life of a cushion with only one usable side.
  • Most Barnett cushions are machine washable. Our stain-resistant styles are stain resistant without added chemicals.
  • Barnett cushions are proven to last for years. Gripper shelf liner can be washed or replaced at little cost.
  • Barnett  ties are triple-stitched for durability and keep the cushion securely tied to the chair to prevent accidents.
  • Barnett cushions are filled with latex foam fill that retains loft better than any other fill material tested.

Gripper Shelf Liner

If your cushion is moving around more than you like, cut a square of gripper shelf liner and place it under the cushion. This will have the same effect as a gripper cushion but you can hand-wash or replace the gripper with a new sheet when it loses its effectiveness.

You can purchase gripper shelf liner from these stores:


Non-slip Silicone trivet

If you prefer, place a non-slip silicone trivet under the cushion. Select a trivet with gripping texture such as waves, raised dots, or ribs. A trivet is intended to go under a hot pot or pan in the kitchen, but this will have the same effect as a gripper cushion, and you can wash the trivet in the dishwasher if it begins to lose effectiveness.  We recommend using a brand new trivet so you don't transfer any residual baking oils or greases from the trivet to the cushion fabric.

What should I do before I try gripper shelf liner or a silicone trivet?

  • Dining Chair Pads - First place the cushion in the seat, with the back of the cushion pushed against the back of the chair, or within 1"-2". Then tie the pad securely to the chair back, rungs, or legs, finishing with a knot or a bow.  Lift the seat cushion and place a sheet of gripper shelf liner, carpet gripper pad, or silicone trivet under the cushion.
  • Rocking Chair Cushions - For shipping purposes, the seat and back cushions will be tied to each other when they arrive; first, untie the cushions from each other. Then place the seat cushion and tie it to the back of the seat posts or rungs with a knot or a bow.  Tie the top ties of the back cushion to the top posts or the headrest; tie the bottom ties of the back cushion to the lower posts or rungs; finish all ties with a knot or a bow. Lift the seat cushion and place a sheet of gripper shelf liner, carpet gripper pad, or silicone trivet under the cushion.
  • Bar Stool Cushions - For shipping purposes, when the barstool cover arrives the drawstring will be pulled tight and tied. Untie the drawstring and loosen the yoke. Place a circle of gripper shelf liner or a silicone trivet on the seat, then place the barstool cushion on top of the gripper. Pull the yoke down over the seat of the stool and tighten the drawstring under the seat until the yoke is wrapped around and under the seat and almost fully tightened. Push the yoke around to evenly distribute the gathers around the seat. Pull the drawstring fully tight and keep it pinched closed while tying a knot or a bow (it helps to have a friend, but one person can manage it on their own).

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