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Barnett Dining Chair Cushions

How does Barnett make dining chair cushions that last longer?

Hand Crafted good by Barnett Home Decor


All of our dining chair cushions are hand-crafted by skilled sewers, no automation, no cutting corners.

Machine Washable Cushions by Barnett Home Decor

Machine Washable

Machine Washable cushions come out looking like new. Throw the entire cushion into the washer to refresh fabric & foam.

Barnett Home Decor Triple Stitched Ties

Triple-Stitched Ties

Triple-Stitched Ties won't easily pop off when you scoot your seat.

Reversible Cushions by Barnett Home Decor


Reversible Cushions last twice as long as gripper cushions. Use a gripper shelf liner for all the benefits with none of the downsides.

Barnett Home Decor Durable Fabrics That Last

Durable Upholstery Fabrics

Our Fabrics are selected & tested to withstand years of use: 15,000-55,000 double rubs.

Durable Lock Stitched Seams by Barnett Home Decor

Lock-Stitched Seams

Lock-Stitched Seams are more durable than the chain-stitch seams many competitors use on their chair pads.

Barnett Home Decor Latex Foam Filled Cushions

Latex Foam Fill

Our cushions are filled with Latex Foam for premium comfort that lasts longer than other foams, and won't go flat (unlike polyester fiber fill).

We make chair pads in multiple sizes to fit most dining chairs

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We've put together 8 tips on buying chair pads online, with information about how to get the right color, what to expect from a returns policy, how not to get left out in the cold by porch pirates, and more.


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Why should I buy from Barnett Home Decor?

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Learn More About Barnett Dining Chair Cushions

Frequently Asked Questions About Barnett Dining Chair Cushions


Barnett Home Decor is the original creator of the latex foam dining chair pad.

After World War II, a new housing boom increased the demand for affordable home furnishings, and we started making home decor. Our neighboring business manufactured ladies undergarments and we purchased their defective bra inserts to recycle the latex foam as an affordable fill material.

It turned out, latex foam is superior to other fill materials because it lasts longer than other foams, and it will never go flat, unlike polyester fiber fill. 98% of our customers agree it is more comfortable, plus, latex foam fill cushions are machine washable!

We don't use bra inserts anymore, but our latex foam is still 100% pre-consumer recycled material from US manufacturers.

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Latex foam is not the same as memory foam, for chair pads, it's better!

Latex foam offers better support when the weight is concentrated on one spot (your "sit bones"). Memory foam may be nice when you need to distribute weight across a large surface like a mattress, but it's not ideal for chair pads.

Latex foam cushions last much longer than memory foam, without losing loft.

Latex foam cushions are machine washable, unlike memory foam cushions.

Finally, many of our customers are worried about potentially harmful off-gassing that memory foam is known for. Memory foam is made from polyurethane. Latex foam is made from natural and / or synthetic rubber.

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Not all of our cushions are safe to use outdoors, but Barnett does offer indoor/outdoor chair cushions safe for use on the porch or patio.

Our indoor/outdoor cushions resist fading and the fabric protects itself against mildew damage.

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Most of our dining chair pads and patio cushions are machine washable! (Tapestry cushions are spot clean, Brisbane cushions are hand wash.)

The covers are not removable, the entire cushion goes in the washing machine to refresh the fabric and the foam! (Don't try this with other brands of cushions, polyester fiber fill and other types of foam do not hold up well to machine washing.)

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Our Standard and Extra-Large dining chair cushions are U-shaped and tapered at the back to fit most dining chairs, including chairs that are narrower at the back.

It's hard to define width along a curve, but typically, the distance between the ties is 5" less than the approximate width across the front of the cushion, at the widest points. So our size Standard dining chair pads are about 12" between the ties and our XL cushions are about 13" between the ties.

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