Awning Stripe

"In the style of the protective canopies over windows and doors, awning stripes are equally-sized, fairly wide, vertical stripes of solid color typically a darker color against a white or light color. This bright, bold pattern is common in coastal, beach, and nautical decors."
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Canvas fabrics have been used to provide shade in the form of awnings since the days of the Roman Colosseum.

Early canvas awnings were typically plain linen or cotton duck sail cloth.

The characteristic stripes from which this pattern gets its name appeared in the mid 1800's. When steam power began to overtake sailing vessels as the main mode of transport, sail cloth became very affordable. Clever textile merchants took advantage of this affordable canvas to create awnings that offered window shoppers a dry spot to linger on drizzly days and a shady retreat on sunny days.

Savvy shopkeepers began using colorful and recognizable patterns to get the attention of strolling shoppers, and the awning stripe became a mainstay of outdoor fabrics still widely used today.

This bold pattern is commonly used in beach, coastal, and nautical decor and will brighten up any patio or sunroom.

A more varied and colorful version of the bold, wide stripe is cabana stripe.

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