Cabana Stripe

Cabana Stripe

Cabana Stripe fabric features wide vertical stripes and characteristically bold colors. It is similar to Awning Stripe, however Cabana Stripes can be of varying widths and may feature more than two colors. This stripe is popular in beach, coastal, and nautical decor.

Originating from the Spanish word 'cabaña' which simply means hut, cabanas are lightweight temporary structures typically found on the beach. Cabanas can be built from any material, cabana stripe is named for the canvas huts were used as dressing rooms and to provide shade at seaside resorts.

For the wealthy, they would often have a "cabana boy" to fetch tropical drinks and fresh towels on demand while they kept cool in the shade of their private cabanas as they lounged on the beach.

Cabanas have changed in style over the years but the cabana stripe pattern remains and continues to find a place in beach, coastal and nautical decor. Colors can vary but many use the nautical color palette of navy blue, true red, and primary.

Also see awing stripe, the bold two-color version a large stripe.