A nautical decor theme focuses on motifs of ships and sailing; often with and a color scheme of navy blue, red, and yellow. Nautical themes are a staple of beach, coastal, Cape Cod, and even Americana decors.

Nautical-themed decor has been around for a while. The motifs are pulled from shipping including anchors, sailboats, lighthouses, oars, compass roses, maps, and rope. Using this theme for a home might seem a bit strange to a sailor or seaman whose working life is surrounded by these objects.

Nautical decor is related to coastal, beach decors, and Cape Cod in that they use ocean motifs. Beach is more likely to include recreational sea-related subjects but with similar bright colors. Coastal, though, is known for its more subdued color palette of blue, aqua, and tan with plenty of whitewashed wood. Cape Cod is similar to coastal but denotes particular architectural styles seen in Northeastern coastal communities.

The use of blocks of primary colors derives from nautical signal flags which use blue, red, and yellow in bold easily-designated designs. The colors of nautical items blend well with the red, white, and blue of Americana.

One of the most widely-known designers who makes heavy use of nautical style is Ralph Lauren. His yearly lines feature a segment of nautically-influenced clothes and his home decor often features the theme.

Even a landlubber can bring a little bit of the sea into their home with nautical decor. Do not let your distance from the ocean stop you from enjoying this crisp, colorful style.

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