Baroque pattern is an elaborate, symmetrical, scrolling motif abstracted from a floral bouquet and typically seen in a tone-on-tone worked into a damask jacquard fabric. It is used in transitional, traditional, Victorian, cottage, and shabby chic decors.

Baroque refers to a European style of art and music, circa 1600-1750, which favored dramatic compositions with elaborate ornamentation. Baroque movement works are typically highly detailed and with their subjects highly influenced by nature.

Baroque is typically found in woven fabrics like damask and brocade which fit the opulence of the Baroque movement sought. As a woven pattern, Baroque normally has two thread colors. Turning over the fabric, you will see a "negative" version of the pattern. Typical color schemes involve a background color --- dark blue, burgundy, emerald green --- with the floral pattern in gold or silver.

This pattern is also commonly used in burn-out velvet fabrics.

Printed Baroque patterns include the same symmetrical, floral motif but the manufacturing process allows for an expanded color palette.