Americana decor features symbols of the United States most notably the US flag and the colors red, white, and blue. There is a focus on antique and handmade items such as quilts, embroidery, rough-hewn woodwork, and primitive furniture. Related styles include farmhouse, country, rustic, primitive, colonial, and federal.

The US flag and its elements including five-pointed stars, red and white stripes, and the colors red and blue are the most common elements in Americana. The broad term Americana denotes anything related to the culture of the United States.

A room is usually not considered Americana if it does not feature some red and blue in the color scheme and handmade items. White is present but is often muted and yellowed for an aged effect or worked into distressed wood.

Americana crosses over into many decor styles such as federal, country, farmhouse, and primitive. It is often associated with the do-it-yourself chalk painting and stenciling popular in shabby chic. Because of the blue and red, it works well with nautical decor. All of these homespun styles have elements of Americana in the general sense of the term.

Handmade crafts such as quilts, primitive arts and crafts, and weathered furniture are often featured. While the flag is the most common motif, other symbols include bald eagles, the Seal of the USA, maps, farming implements, and military paraphernalia.

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