boho dining room with houseplant and natural boho chair cushions

5 Step Boho Dining Room: A Design Recipe Anyone Can Follow

If you're ready to infuse your dining room with a relaxed and eclectic vibe, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the 5 essential steps to create your very own Boho dining room. From furniture choices to color palettes and decorative accents, we'll cover it all. Get ready to embrace the free-spirited charm of the Boho decor style and transform your dining space into a laid back space that refreshes and inspires.

Where does the Boho decor style come from?

Born out of the rebellious spirit of the 19th-century Bohemian movement that started in the 1840's, Boho style is all about breaking free from the norms and embracing a carefree, artistic lifestyle. Fast forward to the wild and groovy vibes of the 1960s and 1970s, where Boho reached its peak during the hippie movement. It was a time of peace, love, and self-expression, where people rejected materialism and embraced a colorful, eclectic way of living. Drawing inspiration from cultures around the world, Boho decor blended vibrant colors, exotic patterns, and natural materials to create a whimsical and adventurous atmosphere.  Today, Boho style continues to evolve with a mix of vintage and modern elements, a chill eco vibe with an earthy color palette, and an enduring crush on Moroccan and Indian textiles. So, let's dive into the captivating world of Boho decor and let your free spirit soar!


boho dining room with natural elements and boho dining chair cushions

Step One

Embrace Natural Elements

The Boho style is all about celebrating nature. Start by incorporating natural elements into your dining room.

  • Opt for a vintage wooden dining table, almost anything goes, but rustic farmhouse and mid-century modern styling play nicely with boho vibes. 

  • Dining chairs can be surprisingly expensive, but fortunately, boho is about self-expression, not keeping up with the Jones.  Splurge on one or two statement chairs then scrimp and save on the rest with hand-me-downs, curb finds, or thrift shop treasures.

  • Add lots of greenery with potted plants, and a succulent garden. These elements will bring a sense of connection to the earth.
layer textures and patterns in your boho dining room design

Step Two

Play with Patterns and Textures

One of the hallmarks of Boho decor is the rich tapestry of patterns and textures.

  • Mix and match different prints, such as tribal motifs, geometric patterns, and floral designs.

  • Layer textiles on your dining chairs with cushions made from natural textiles such as 100% cotton, or a blend with linen or rayon (derived from bamboo).

  • Barnett Home Decor offers a wide range of Boho dining chair cushions that perfectly complement this style. The bold patterns and rich textures will add a romantic gypsy flair to your dining room.
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Step Three

Embrace Earthy Color Palettes

Boho dining rooms often feature earthy color palettes inspired by nature.

  • Opt for a neutral base of sandy beiges and unbleached cottons

  • Add accents in warm hues like terracotta, and burnt oranges, to contrast with the deep greens of your forest of indoor plants.

  • Use these earthy tones on your walls and table linens too. These colors create a soothing and grounding ambiance in your dining space.
boho seat cushions in natural colors beige terra cotta green

Step Four

Create a Laid-Back Atmosphere

The Boho style is all about embracing a chill, free-spirited vibe. Incorporate elements that invite relaxation and comfort.

  • Consider adding a cozy rug under the dining table, creating a soft underfoot feel.

  • Opt for natural lighting, with string lights to set the mood.

  • Introduce floor cushions or a rustic bench for additional seating options.

These elements will encourage lingering conversations and a sense of effortless relaxation.

Step Five

Curate Eclectic Decor Accents

To truly capture the Boho spirit, infuse your dining room with eclectic decor accents.

  • Display a collection of vintage or handmade ceramics on open shelves.

  • Hang a statement piece of macrame wall art.

  • Create a gallery wall with a mix of vintage frames and artwork.

  • Add a touch of global influence with Moroccan-inspired lanterns.

  • Create a display on your hutch or buffet with your best-behaved plants, yummy scented candles, and those odd-ball treasures that don’t seem to fit anywhere else in the house (like your statuette of Bastet, the Egyptian goddess of cats).
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