Barnett Overstock & Barnett Products

  • Q: Are the Barnett cushions and Barnett chair pads sold by Barnett Overstock on the same as the ones sold on
  • Q: Is Barnett Home Decor a reseller or dealer of Barnett Products?
    • A: No, Barnett Home Decor items are sold direct by the manufacturer on  Barnett Products Co., Inc. is doing business as "Barnett Home Decor" to avoid confusion with other companies of similar names that sell other kinds of products, such as archery equipment and cosmetics.
  • Q: What is the relationship between "Chair Pads Galore and More" and Barnett Home Decor?
    • A; "Chair Pads Galore and More" is the Barnett Products outlet store. Our outlet store formerly sold both first quality clearance items and "factory seconds".  Our clearance department has moved to .
  • Q: Where else can I find Barnett brand chair pads and home decor?
    • A: Barnett brand cushions, rocking chair cushions, window treatments, and table linens can be found in many mail order catalogs and "brick and mortar" retail stores. Use the Store Locator to find a store near you that carries Barnett brand home decor. 

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