Where to shop for Barnett Home Decor

Are there any stores near me that carry Barnett Home Decor so I can try out the cushions or see them in person?

Barnett Home Decor is sold by many independently owned and operated furniture stores and home decor boutiqes all over the US. Use the Store Locator map to find a store near you that carries our brand.

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If there are no stores near you that carry our brand, you can receive free fabric swatchs and a sample cushion for the cost of shipping handing with the Try It Before You Buy It program.

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I bought a Barnett brand product from a mail order catalog, but I can't find it on your website. Do you still make them?

You can browse Barnett items carried by mail order catalogs in the Dealers section of our website. We provide a photo of the item, the dealer's name for the item as well as a link or phone number to purchase it from them directly.

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Is the item I found for sale somewhere else the same as the one sold here?
Barnett Home Decor brand cushions sold at Amazon.com are sold direct by Barnett and are the same as the cushions sold at barnetthomedecor.com.

The Barnett brand cushions carried by our dealers are the same as the cushions sold at barnetthomedecor.com, except that our dealers may have exclusive colors and patterns not available anywhere else.

If the same item is available on more than one website, which one should I order it from?

Barnett Home Decor owns and operates barnetthomedecor.com; items are typically priced the same on all marketplaces; however, the shipping policies and return policies may be different.

Barnett does not participate in the Amazon Prime program, so you will not get free shipping or two-day shipping on Barnett items purchased on Amazon, even if you are a Prime member.

Where can I find a list of all of the different types and sizes of products that Barnett makes?

Our size guide provides information on all of the items in our regular line, including dimensions, how to measure videos, and links to shop the product type category.

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What is the difference between a Special Order and a Custom Order?

Although some brands may use these terms interchangeably, Barnett distinguishes between a Special Order and a Custom Order in the following ways:

A Special Order is when we make our product style from our regular product line to our usual size and shape, but we only make the item after you order it instead of keeping it in stock for immediate fulfillment. This allows us to offer a product style in an extended selection of fabric choices, or allows us to backorder an item that is out of stock.

A Custom Order is not an item we carry in our regular product line in the size or shape the customer is requesting. Unfortunately we cannot offer custom orders at this time.

How do I order fabric by the yard from Barnett?

Although we are not a fabric dealer, Barnett can often accommodate customers who want to make something to match their Barnett purchase. Please contact customer service for a price quote.

Are Barnett products Made in USA?

All Barnett items are Made in USA with your choice of imported fabric or American-made fabric. If you only wish to view items Made in USA with American-made fabric and materials you can shop the Made in USA collections.

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