Made in USA

Shop the Made in USA Collection for American-made cushions sewn from American-made fabrics and filled with American-made foam.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions About The Made in USA Collections

All of the home goods sold at are Made in USA with domestic or imported fabrics and American-made foam.

In the Made in USA collections you'll only find items Made in USA with American-made fabrics and foam.

Some of our competitors claim to be "Made in USA" but they actually send a portion of their cutting or sewing work out to foreign countries and only assemble the parts in the US.

At, our entire manufacturing process is performed in the US. We design, cut, sew, fill, finish and ship from our facility in Macon, Georgia, USA.  Our customer service and marketing teams are also here in the USA.

When you support Made in USA brands, you may pay a little more, but that "extra" money goes to paying fair wages, safe working conditions, and a work week that rarely exceeds 40 hours.

Our labor costs are 25%-588% higher than the labor costs of companies that use cheap foreign labor.

Between 2016-2018, sources including CNBC reported that the average factory worker in China earned $3.56 an hour, $2.00 an hour in India, and $0.89 an hour in Vietnam.

While the cost of living is lower in those countries, working conditions are often unsafe. China's workplace fatalities are 16 times higher than the USA, per capita.

Our operating costs are higher, because we follow strict safety guidelines that are often ignored by factories in other parts of the world.

And although it is technically illegal, organizations such as Behind the Label report that factory workers in South East Asia are often forced to work 10-16 hours per day, 6 days a week.