Ticking Stripe

Ticking Stripe

Ticking is a striped utility fabric that was used in the manufacture of mattresses and pillows. The modern stripe pattern is popular in shabby chic, vintage, rustic, farmhouse, and industrial decors.

Ticking is a cotton or linen textile that is tightly woven for durability and to prevent down feathers of down filling from poking through the fabric. It was normally used to construct mattresses and pillows. Sometimes it was used in backing for quilts or lining for furniture. The fabric normally came in an ivory or white base with stripes of a neutral color such as blue, or grey.

The pattern of Ticking Stripe consists of thin lines in groups of three --- one larger one and two thinner ones to each side --- with a crosshatch weave. 

Ticking used to be considered unsightly and was merely a base to be properly covered by bedsheets and pillow cases. Today, Ticking Stripe has become popular as a fabric pattern for shabby chic, vintage, rustic, and contemporary country and farmhouse styles. Because of the raw manufactured feel, it is also used in industrial decor.

Some modern Ticking Stripes are still woven while others are printed on lighter weight fabrics.

Modern versions also come in a variety of colors including red, aqua, and black though most still retain the neutral white or beige background.