Barnett Home Decor's Ticking Stripe Aqua Dining Chair Cushions are featured in the July issue Fresh Trends article by Better Homes & Gardens magazine.

portrait of sister parish seated in a formal dining room and sister parish's interior design of a colonial home

Sister Parish & the American Country Style

Originally a generic covering for mattresses and bed pillows, in the Victorian era ticking stripes were hidden under bed sheets and pillowcases. The classic look came into vogue as a fashion home decor fabric in the 1940's, partly through the influence of interior decorator Sister Parish.

Parish was Jacqueline Kennedy's interior designer and is attributed by the New York Times as being the originator of the American Country Style. The style is famous for blending traditional furniture pieces and handicrafts with light colors, mixed prints, and an unpretentious lived-in feel. 

Ticking in the 21st Century

The biggest home fashion trend of the 21st Century has been Transitional Decor, a style that features an eclectic blend of traditional and contemporary furnishings in neutral colors, with a focus on comfort, texture and craftsmanship. The popularity of ticking stripes has surged again thanks to it's ability to play well with others, but ticking stripes are now available in a range of colors our Victorian and Mid-Century predecessors could only dream of. 


Obsessed with ticking stripes

The "Fresh Trends" feature in Better Homes & Garden's July issue showcases home decor made with traditional ticking stripes.  BHG has selected some of their favorite examples of ticking stripes made in fresher, brighter colors. Our Ticking Stripe Aqua Chair Pad was selected as one of their style ambassadors for this fresh fashion trend!

"No longer bound by their utilitarian origins, ticking patterns show up all over the house. Their crisp, fresh looks mean they'll never go out of style."

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