Basketweave is a basic, criss-cross textile weave. The basketweave pattern resembles the woven fibers of a basket or fabric and is often used as a tile pattern.

Basketweave or Panama Weave is a basic textile weave pattern. Groups of warp threads (up and down the fabric) and weft threads (across the fabric) form a simple criss-cross pattern. Each group of weft threads crosses an equal number of warp threads by going over one group, then under the next, and so on. The next group of weft threads goes under the warp threads that its neighbor went over, and vice versa.

Basketweave produces a checkered appearance and is made of made of two or more threads in each group.

The Basket Weave motif depicts fibers at 90 degree angles like the Basketweave pattern in an simple over and under repetition. It can be woven or printed.

This is not to be confused with the Caning pattern, which crosses at angles resembling rattan cane woven in diamond, hexagonal, and other patterns usually seen on the backs and seats of cane chairs.