Coastal Kitchen Makeover

Coastal Kitchen Makeover

‪‎Vacation never has to end. Bring the seaside to your kitchen by creating a light and breezy beach look with these simple ideas. 


Coastal Tile Backsplash by New Ravenna

‪‎After making the backsplash the focal point of your kitchen redesign, select appliances and linens that compliment your backsplash colors.  You may have to think of home resale value when you're selecting your countertops or refinishing your cabinets, but your linens and countertop appliances should be all about what brings you joy when you're in the kitchen. 


Brisbane Seaglass Dining Chair Cushions

Once you're settled on your backsplash and accessory colors, pick counters and floors that will survive the passage of trends and won't compete with the focal points in your room. 


Emerald Coast Countertop by Vetrazzo

Cabinets and Lighting Fixtures will come next in your design.  It may comes as a surprise, but wall color will be selected last! (Naturally, this is the order you select your design elements in, not the order you install everything!)  

Before we had plastic buoys, fishermen kept their nets and lines afloat with glass bulbs.  Originally used in Norway in the 19th century, this technology made its way around the world.  The examples we're most familiar with today have been collected by beachcombers along the West Coast, having been lost by Japanese fishermen many years ago.  The bulbs were crafted by glassblowers from recycled glass, much of which came from sake bottles.  Because the globes were produced in large quantities for utilitarian purposes, they often include imperfections and tiny bubbles, but collectors appreciate these as part of their hand-crafted character. 


Japanese Glass Fishing Floats Pendant Lights


Saltwash Powder

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