Coastal Kitchen Makeover

Vacation never has to end. Bring the seaside to your kitchen by creating a light and breezy beach look with these simple ideas.

1Beautiful and Bold Mosaic Backsplash

‪‎Instead of committing to color all over, add a fanciful, sea-inspired backsplash. New Ravenna specializes in tile mosaics made in the USA. Their products are absolutely awe-inspiring. If you prefer a personal touch, you can create your own mosaic backsplash with salvaged tiles. For a more traditional look, these beautiful iridescent aqua tiles by TileBar are anything but boring. The ideas do not stop with tile. White beadboard gives a cozy cottage feel at an affordable price. For more modern kitchens, back paint acrylic sheets in a cool spa green.

2Cool Coastal Chair Pads

Our Brisbane Boucle Sea Glass chair pads are not only stylish but they are so comfortable you will want to live in your kitchen. (Or make it more comfortable if you already live in your kitchen.) Add a subtle mix of color to a whitewashed table or your newly remodeled bar. Browse our entire line of coastal and beach fabrics including indoor/outdoor options.

3Japanese Fishing Net Float Pendant Lights

Replacing a light fixture is a simple upgrade that will take your kitchen decor up a notch. Lighting in kitchens often ignores form for functionality. Along Shore Decor out of Wilmington, NC, offers a lovely array of lighting fixtures created with glass fishing net floats. These pendants are perfect over a bar, breakfast nook, or island. Create your own lighting fixture with authentic Japanese fishing floats. For an easy decorative upgrade your current pendant lights, this DIY approach adds color and rope accents to basic clear globes.

4Salt Paint Furniture and Accessories

Salt painting is a technique to add a textured and weathered look to painted wood. When used with multiple layers of color, a boring piece of furniture can become a buried treasure. Start small and create beach-inspired artwork with a recipe using household items. For more challenging projectsSaltwash is a pre-mixed additive for an aged look.

5Beachy Keen Valance

The lovely cream and salmon hues of our Shells at Low Tide Tie-Up Valance are the perfect topper for your kitchen window. It can be used on a continental rod or smaller decorative rods. Hang a single valance or stack it with a matching tier. Have only one window? Our clearance department is the perfect place to start for single valances at great prices. Our Prize Gallery also has a variety of one-off items at reduced prices including valances and placemats in coastal fabrics.

Shells at Low Tide Tie-Up Valance or Tier Curtain Window Treatments - Beach Decor

Shells at Low Tide Tie-Up Valance or Tier Curtain Window Treatments - Beach Decor

$ 54.90$ 44.90
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6The Small Stuff

Kitchens are often overlooked as a place to display artwork. Even the smallest kitchens have unused nooks and crannies for displaying your favorite pieces. Turn your refrigerator into a showcase for your favorite beach finds. Here's a tutorial on how to turn your sea shells into refrigerator magnets. With a bit of paint, you can make everyday glass bottles into seaglass. Almost every kitchen accessory is now available in colorful options. Don't forget your drawer pulls and door handles, either. The devil (fish) is in the details!

6The Big Things

I was going to stop at the small things until I happened upon Vetrazzo's recycled glass surfaces. Their Emerald Coast pattern contains Georgia marble, South Carolina oyster shells, and architectural glass from demolition. You get shells and 'sea glass' right in your countertop! For the adventurous DIYer, there are plenty of tutorials online on how to make concrete surfaces with glass for tables and counters.

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