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Learn more about carrying Barnett Home Decor in your store, register to become a dealer, or apply for a wholesale discount!

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Contract Accounts Tier

Start here if you're a buyer for a mail-order catalog, retail chain, or marketplace (such as Amazon or Wayfair).

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Stocking Dealers Tier

Start here if you're a buyer for an independent furniture store, home decor boutique, department store, or gift shop.

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Volume Discounts Tier

Start here if you are purchasing for a hospitality group, institution, organization or real estate developer.

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Trade Discounts Tier 

Start here if you're a full time interior decorator or designer, set decorator, or real estate stager with a portfolio.

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Contract Accounts
Stocking Dealers

Who is eligible to register as a Stocking Dealer of Barnett Home Decor?

  • Stocking Dealers own or operate an independent furniture store, home decor boutique, department store, gift shop, or emporium.
  • Stocking Dealers purchase in volume at wholesale prices for resale to their customers at brick-and-mortar locations or on their own websites.
  • Stocking Dealers maintain stock of our products at their own site or warehouse, and anticipate re-ordering when stock is low (4-12 times per year).
  • Stocking Dealers fulfill their customer's orders, Barnett does not drop ship.
  • Stocking Dealers are expected to commit floor space or website space to the display of the Barnett Products line.
  • If your business expects to order approximately 32-972 units per month, your business is a good fit for this tier.

What are the order minimums or minimum quantities for a Stocking Dealer?

  • The minimum first order to open an account is $400.
  • Subsequent re-orders must total a minimum of $250 per order.
  • Minimum item quantities apply per SKU. For example, the minimum quantity to order dining chair cushions is 4 per SKU.
  • If you do not expect your business to meet the requirements for the Stocking Dealer tier you may want to review our Volume Discount, Trade Discount, or Affiliates Program details.

How are wholesale prices calculated in the Stocking Dealer tier?

  • Stocking Dealers order from a wholesale price schedule.  Prices are scheduled by product style and fabric price group.  
  • The price schedule is not public, but a sales manager can give you general high-low ranges if you need to know what to expect before you apply.
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Volume Discounts
Trade Discounts

I would give these cushions a 6 if I could.

"I have been looking quite some time for these cushions but have not come close to these.
The quality and craftsmanship are excellent. I know it will last for years.
I always get a nice comment about how comfortable it is to sit on.
I definitely recommend this company for their honest and sincere product."

This chair pad is amazingly comfy!

"It has good weight to it and the fabric is like that on an upholstered chair,
very substantial and professional looking. I'm very happy with it! :)"

These cushions are wonderful!

"I am a very pleased customer and would certainly buy these again.
It's nice that these are reversible and washable.
The cushions are extremely comfortable and they look great in my kitchen."

I want to check out your returns
policy before I order.
There was a problem with my
purchase and  I think I need to
make a claim for damage, errors, or
I just want to return my recent
purchase, I don't need to
make a claim.

Wholesale Discount Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a registered dealer of Barnett Products! Please provide the following information so we can verify your credentials.

Fields marked with an * are required

A one time purchase of less than 32 units (a unit is one cushion, window treatment, pillow, etc)
A one time purchase of more than 32 units
Less than 32 unit per month
Between 32 and 576 units per month
Betwee 577 and 3,456 units per month
More than 3457 unit per month
I don't know, I've never carried soft furnishings in my store or catalog before
I own or operate an independent furniture store, home decor boutique, gift shop or emporium
I'm a buyer for a mail order catalog, retail chain, or marketplace
I intend to make a one-time volume purchase (several cartons)
I'm an interior designer, interior decorator, set designer, or real estate stager
I don't know
Yes, I would like an independent sales rep to visit my location with fabric swatches and product samples.

We will review your application during normal business hours and a sales manager will respond as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a dealer inspect the quality of an item before opening an account?

One of our independent sales representatives can call on you at your store to show product samples and fabric swatches. If we do not have a rep in your area we can ship you a carton of product samples and fabric swatches. If you decide not to order you may return the kit for a refund of the deposit.

How are payments handled?
Are exclusives or custom items available?
How are shipping instructions and production guidelines handled?
Is private label available?
Is drop ship available?
Who will be approved?
What is the lead time on orders?

Our founder insisted on using the highest quality materials and superior construction methods to make a more durable collar pad.

We're proud to uphold our founder's tradition of quality today by making chair pads and rocking chair cushions that last longer.

Learn more about the long and winding history of our company by watching our silent YouTube video.

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