Carry Barnett Home Decor in Your Store


Become a registered dealer of Barnett Products to purchase our Made in USA home goods with a wholesale discount for resale in your store or on your website! Apply to become a stocking dealer of Barnett Products to view our wholesale catalog.


Barnett has partnered with Handshake to offer wholesale pricing to smaller merchants with a lower order minimum. The minimum first order for merchants on the Handshake marketplace is $250. Orders placed through Handshake must be paid in full prior to shipment.

The Handshake marketplace was created by Shopify and contains only curated US brands hand-selected for unique product offerings and passionate quality.

Stocking Dealers

Merchants who regularly reorder at higher volumes can apply to register as a Stocking Dealer of Barnett Home Decor. Stocking Dealers enjoy lower wholesale prices and financing terms such as Net 30. The minimum order to open an account as a Stocking Dealer is $400.

Become a Dealer of Barnett Home Decor

If you own or operate an independent furniture store, home decor boutique, department store, gift shop, or similar store, you can apply to become a registered dealer of Barnett Home Decor.

Dealers purchase large quantities of merchandise for resale in their own store or on their own website.

Dealers maintain stock of our products in their warehouse and reorder when stock is low.

Dealers fulfill their own customer's orders, Barnett does not drop ship.

Our dealers order from a wholesale price schedule. Prices are scheduled by product style and fabric price group. We offer multiple tiers of wholesale discount price schedules, depending on dealer characteristics such as order volume.

Wholesale orders are returnable only for reason of manufacturer's defect and require pre-authorization.

View complete Wholesale Returns Policy

Drop ship is not available. Dealers will fulfill their own orders.

Stocking Dealers purchase goods on a make-to-order basis, this means we do not begin making the items until you order them. A typical lead time for most items is 1-3 weeks.

Some product styles have a longer lead time, details are available in the Rep Book.

Orders for delivery in the Christmas season should be placed early; the production schedule may fill by October. The plant closes for cleaning and maintenance the week of Independence Day in July, so please plan accordingly.

Please allow 3-8 weeks lead time during the Covid-19 pandemic due to staffing limitations and supply chain interruptions.


Prospective dealers must register with Shopify and present their reseller certificate and business license.


We will review the applicant’s website or social media profile, reseller certificate and business license, to confirm that the applicant has a viable business in this category and would be a suitable representative for the Barnett brand. Suitable applicants will complete an account agreement and will have the option of paying by credit card before the order ships or becoming approved for net terms.


To qualify for Net 30, Net 45, or Net 60 terms you must also submit a credit application and your business references will be checked.

Stocking Dealers typically order 32-288 units of Barnett brand merchandise per month for each of their store locations.

If your store is new to carrying Barnett brand home goods, or if you typically order less than 32 units per month of your best selling home decor brands, you may want to consider purchasing on the Handshake marketplace.

Trade Discounts

Interior decorators, set decorators, real estate stagers, and others who work in the interior design trades may apply for a Trade Discount of 5% off their first purchase of $100 or more.

By joining our Rewards Program, members of the Trade can earn higher discounts on subsequent purchases.

Members of the Trade are not eligible for Trade discounts on purchases to be used in their own home.

We will review the applicant's portfolio of paid work and may also request credentials such as a business license.

Volume Discounts

Anyone who will make a one-time purchase of multiple case packs of a single SKU is eligible for a Volume Discount.

This typically includes buyers for hospitality groups, institutions, non-profit organizations, and real estate developers.

The discount varies depending on how many cases you are ordering. The minimum is two cases.

Merchandise ordered with a volume discount is only returnable for reason of manufacturer defect and requires pre-authorization. Please request a sample before placing a volume order.

A case pack is a carton containing a uniform quantity of units with the same SKU (item number). Case Pack is also known as "a case", or "standard pack".

For example, a case pack of size standard dining chair cushions would be one carton of 16 cushions in the same size, pattern, and color.

The number of units in a case pack varies by product style (BIN). For example, a case pack of size XL rocker cushions holds 5.

View pdf of case packs for each product style

International Volume buyers must provide a US freight forwarding address and must use an approved escrow agent; we do not accept credit cards for international volume purchases.

If you allow Barnett to choose the assortment, it may be possible to fulfill a volume order for mixed case packs or assorted case packs from our selection of closeouts.

Otherwise, all units in a case must be the same sku to qualify for a volume discount.

Contract Accounts

Barnett contracts with buyers for mail order catalogs, retail chains, and marketplaces (such as Amazon or Wayfair) on an individual basis.

Contract accounts maintain inventory at their own warehouse and fulfill their own orders, Barnett does not drop ship.

Contract accounts typically order approximately 576 - 6100 units per month.

If your business expects to order less than 288 units per month, please consider applying to register as a Stocking Dealer of Barnett Home Decor.

Contract accounts typically order at least several pallets of goods per month.

The contract buyer calculates their own sales projections, typically 3-6 months in advance of the season.

Subsequent orders (re-orders) must be for at least one case pack of each sku.

We begin by asking for the buyer’s target retail price range then source appropriately priced fabrics. The dealer's packaging and labeling requirements are a factor, so we will need to review the dealer's vendor guide before price setting. We may raise or lower prices at seasonal contract renewal if sales exceed or fall below projections, or in response to changes such as material costs.

If you are interested in working with Barnett as an affiliate, brand ambassador (influencer), or independent sales rep, please contact us via the application form above. A sales manager will respond to discuss opportunities to work with our brand.