Shipping Claims


Route Shipping Protection

If you purchased Route Shipping Protection at checkout, your order is insured against loss, damage & theft.  Route provides a quick and easy way to get a replacement or a refund if your order never arrived, or was stolen from your porch, or if the item was soiled or damaged during shipment.

Route is automatically added to all orders, unless you opt-out at checkout.

If your order is covered by Route shipping insurance, you will see "Route Shipping Protection" appear as a line-item on your order confirmation email or on the packing list enclosed with your order.

If you can't find your order confirmation email in your inbox, spam or junk folder, you can contact Customer Service for assistance and we will check if your order was insured by Route.

Look for an email sent by Route on the same day you placed your order. This email has a button you can click to file your claim.

Or use the File a Claim link to start your replacement or refund request with your order number and email address.

Lost & Damaged Shipments

Barnett Customer Service can assist you with a replacement or refund in most cases where the shipping carrier lost or damaged your shipment. In these cases we will file a claim directly with UPS or USPS; their investigator may contact you, so we will need your cooperation. It may take a bit longer to resolve than claims insured by Route.

Packages Stolen After Delivery

We're sorry, UPS and USPS do not cover packages stolen from your porch or property. Barnett will not be able to issue a refund or replacement for stolen packages if you did not purchase Route Shipping Protection.

Shipping Loss & Theft Claims

If your order never arrived, went missing, or arrived with missing items, you may select one the topics below for more information before filing your claim.

Contact Barnett Customer Service ASAP

We will review which size box your order shipped in and how much it weighed when it left our dock. This will allow us to determine whether we made a mistake and left something out of your shipment, or whether it appears something went missing from your shipment after it was entrusted to the shipping carrier. Missing item reports must be made within 4 business days of delivery.

Look for evidence of tampering

If there is any evidence of tampering, we will need a photograph to file a claim on your behalf. If the box arrived open, unsealed, or if the tape appears disturbed, please make note of this in your report. We ship with clear, unbranded packing tape, in either a USPS Priority Mail box, or a brown cardboard box with a round Premier Packaging seal stamped on the bottom. If the carton or tape does not match this description, it is possible the shipment was tampered with or damaged and re-packed in a new box or resealed.

Receive a replacement

If we conclude that the order was not complete when we shipped, we will send replacements right away. If we conclude that the items went missing after we entrusted the shipment to the shipping carrier, we will help you file a loss claim and the insurance company will help you order a replacement.

We're sorry to hear that your package hasn't arrived yet. If your package has "stalled" during shipping (tracking shows your package has been at the same location for days and isn't making any progress towards the delivery destination), you may be entitled to a shipment loss claim.

Track your package

First, track your package to get the ship date and check the progress of the package towards its destination. If the status says that the carrier is still waiting to receive the package from the shipper, contact Barnett Customer Service. It is likely that there was a printing error, the first shipping label was cancelled, and the replacement shipping label tracking number did not update in the system.

Request a package trace

Although this service may be suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic, Barnett Customer Service will attempt to request a shipping update from the carrier if tracking has stalled.

Observe the waiting period before reporting the claim

Route Shipping Insurance requires claimants to wait 7 business days after the ship date or last tracking update before reporting a lost package claim. USPS Requires claimants wait 15 days from the ship date before reporting a lost package claim. UPS requires 24 hours after the expected delivery date.

Report the lost package before the deadline

The deadline to report a lost package to Route Shipping Protection is 30 days from the last tracking update. The deadline to report a lost package to USPS is 60 days from the ship date.

We're very sorry to hear that there's an issue with your package delivery. Please review the following steps so we can try to resolve this issue.

Look for the package in other places

Before reporting a lost or stolen package, please look around your property to see if the carrier left the package somewhere other than your door step. Even if the carrier selected "left at doorstep" on the tracker, they may have actually left it someplace less visible to prevent theft or protect the package from the elements. It might be behind a column or barbecue grill, by a side door or back door, in the garage, on the back patio, or anywhere else accessible to the delivery person.

Ask around

You might be surprised how often we receive calls from customers to let us know their missing package was taken in by a helpful person who forgot to mention they received the package for them. Please ask your family members, roommates, receptionists, or friendly neighbors before reporting a claim.

Pull up the status on the carrier's tracking page

If you only saw a brief notification that your package was delivered, visit the tracking page to be sure the delivery notice doesn't say that the package is being held for you at a pick up location. Both USPS and UPS reserve the right to hold your package at a pick-up location if the driver feels it is not safe to leave the package unattended.

Wait up to 3 days

Unless you have a door bell camera or other evidence the package was stolen, please wait up to 3 days before making your theft claim. Unfortunately, it has become somewhat common for packages to be marked "delivered" by the shipping carrier before a delivery attempt is actually made. This may be an innocent error, or it may be due to drivers or managers making false reports to meet quotas or deadlines.

Make your report within 15 days of "delivery"

Theft claims must be made within 15 days of the delivery notification.

A police report, affidavit, or video may be required

Depending on the value of your order, the insurer covering the claim, or other circumstances, you may be required to submit evidence or affirmation of the theft. If a police report is required, use the non-emergency number to report the theft and explain that the report is being required by an insurance company. If you do not have a doorbell camera or security camera, ask any friendly neighbors with a view of your property if they have a camera with your property in view. If neither is available, you may be asked to sign a document affirming that your order was stolen and that you are aware that it is a crime to make a false report.

Uninsured losses

If your shipment was not insured against theft by the carrier, you may have theft insurance on your renters insurance or homeowners policy, but the value of the stolen order may be below your deductible. Check your credit or debit card to see if your account includes "Purchase Protection" which may cover porch piracy. Please note, purchase protection is not the same as a charge back, if you attempt a charge back against a seller for an item that was stolen from your property, the seller will dispute the charge back and you will also void any claim protection agreements offered by the seller.

Shipping Damage Claims

If your order arrived and the box was damaged or open, or the contents were wet, dirty, or damaged, you may select one of the topics below for more information before filing your claim.

If your box was damaged, or you were not satisfied with the way your items were packed for shipment, we apologize for your distress and thank you for your feedback. If the contents of your shipment were not soiled or damaged there will not be a claim for reimbursement or adjustment.

After a careful study and analysis, Barnett decided in 2016 that we would not ship items in plastic polybags. We ship in clean, new cardboard cartons that meet or exceed edge crush guidelines. For boxes that are not sealed with a glue strip, we apply packing tape in an H formation, which has been found effective by UPS and USPS. We found that the rate of incidence where the contents of our packages were actually soiled or damaged were at or below 1 in 10,000 shipments. Our plastic polybags are required by law to have holes to prevent suffocation. We found that in the majority of incidents where the contents of the package were soiled or damaged, the damage to the shipment was severe enough that the polybag would not have afforded significant protection to the contents.

We're sorry to hear that your package was exposed to wet conditions. Coming home to a soggy box is disappointing and inconvenient, but the good news is our items will not be damaged by rain water as long as they dried promptly.

Remove the items from the wet box as soon as possible

Leaving the contents in the wet box after delivery could void any damage claims that result.

Promptly allow the contents to dry

Lay the items out on a clean drying wrack or hang them up to dry in a well ventilated area. If the care label states the item is "Indoor/Outdoor" you can dry the items in a sunny area, otherwise keep them out of direct sun to prevent fading. If the items are saturated with water you can gently press the items with your hand to remove excess water before drying, turn periodically as they dry.

Consider rinsing light colored fabrics

If the items are made from light colored fabric or if you are worried about water rings or discoloration from coming in contact with the cardboard box, you can rinse the items in room temperature tap water before allowing them to air dry. Even spot clean or dry clean items are safe to gently rinse in clear cool water.

For rain damage to be covered under a shipping damage claim

Exposure to rain water is not covered under a shipping damage claim unless these three conditions are met: 1) The items were exposed to rain, wet or damp conditions while they were in the care of the shipping carrier, before they were delivered; 2) The items arrived with a musty odor, water rings, mildew, soiling, or other evidence of water damage; 3) The problem was reported within 24 hours of the date and time the package tracking shows the item was delivered. If your shipment falls under these three conditions, please see below.

We're very sorry to hear that your items were soiled or damaged. All items sold by Barnett are new and have been inspected for cleanliness and quality multiple times before they ship, so it is most likely the result of mis-handling by the carrier while your order was in transit. Often there is obvious denting or scuffing on the box, but sometimes the shipping carrier re-packages an order without informing anyone that the package was damaged in transit. Here is what you need to know about making a claim for this damage:

Report the damage as soon after delivery as possible

Shipments that arrived with noticeable water damage must be reported within 24 hours of delivery. Claims for items that arrived soiled must be reported within 4 days of delivery. Other damage claims should be reported as soon as the package is delivered, and will be void if not reported within 14 days of delivery. We're sorry, if you accidentally cut the items when you were opening the package, this is not covered by insurance.

Photograph the box and the contents

If you ship, dispose of, or clean the items or carton before they are photographed, your claim may not be granted.

You have the option of cleaning or repairing the items

Many of our items are machine washable, see care label. If you would like to attempt cleaning or repairing the items, please photograph and report the incident first, then follow care instructions. If you are satisfied with the results of cleaning or repair, you can request a cleaning or repair concession.

You have the option of filing a damage claim

You may report a damage claim for either a replacement, or a refund. You are not obligated to attempt cleaning or repairing the item.

Mis-Delivery Claims

If it appears that your order has been delivered to the wrong address or is being returned to sender, you may select one of the topics below for more information and assistance before you file your claim.

We're sorry to hear that your package has been delivered to the wrong address. Barnett will work with you to be sure you receive a replacement or a refund.

Contact Barnett Customer Service ASAP

We will first contact the shipping carrier to see if they can make a retrieval attempt. If the retrieval attempt is unsuccessful, we will proceed as if the package was lost by the shipping carrier. Lost package claims are void if not reported within 14 days of delivery to the wrong address.

You have the option of a replacement or a refund

Barnett will issue a refund or replacement after UPS or USPS confirms that the package retrieval was unsuccessful.

We understand it's distressing to discover that you entered the wrong address on your order. Our options to resolve this problem will depend on when the error is discovered.

You have not received a shipping notification with tracking number yet

Contact Barnett ASAP by phone, M-F 9:00a-4:30p US EST. Once we can confirm that the package hasn't shipped yet we can update the shipping address for your order.

You received a shipping notification that your address is shipping today, but you discovered the error before 2:00p-4:30p US EST today

Contact Barnett Customer Service ASAP by phone. USPS usually picks up at our dock around 2:00p EST and UPS usually picks up around 4:30p. We will try to pull your package off the pallet before the carrier picks up.

Tracking shows your package has already been picked up from our dock, but the package is still in transit

If your package shipped via UPS, contact Barnett Customer Service and we can request a package intercept, additional fees will apply. If your package shipped USPS, we may be able to file an intercept request, or you may be able to file a change of address form or mail forwarding order if the package is shipping to an old address or a seasonal home; contact Barnett Customer Service for assistance. You may be directed to contact USPS directly if we are informed that we cannot file an intercept. Additional fees may apply if we are able to file an intercept request.

Tracking shows your package has already been delivered to the wrong address

Unfortunately, if your package was delivered to the wrong address because you entered the wrong address at checkout, this is not covered by Shipping Protection. Please contact UPS or USPS directly to see if they can attempt a package retrieval or forwarding request after delivery.

We're very sorry to hear that there's an issue with your package delivery. Please review the following steps so we can try to resolve this issue.

I entered the correct delivery address at checkout

Contact Barnett Customer Service so we can determine if this is the result of carrier error or an un-deliverable address. If the shipping carrier is returning the shipment because your shipping address is unmarked or inaccessible, we can arrange to re-ship the package to a more accessible location or hold the package for pickup; additional fees will apply. If the shipping carrier is returning the package because of a carrier error, we can make arrangements to re-ship the package at no additional charge, and in this case you may choose to ship to an alternate address or with a different carrier. Shipping Protection does not cover return to sender orders if the merchandise can be received back by the seller.

My package was being held at a pick-up location but they returned it to sender before I could pick it up

If the package tracking information shows an update that your package was being held for pick-up, you are responsible for picking up the package within 5-7 days (UPS) or 15 days (USPS).Contact Barnett Customer Service, we can either re-ship the package for an additional fee, or we can issue a refund of the purchase price less any shipping or return shipping fees that have applied.

My package was shipped signature required but I was not home to sign for the package

If the package tracking information shows that a delivery attempt is being made for a signature required package, you are responsible for contacting the carrier to arrange for another delivery attempt or to pick up the package at a holding location within the number of days required for pickup. Contact Barnett Customer Service if you would like us to re-ship the package for an additional fee; please note, if your package was shipped Signature Required, we can arrange to ship to your workplace, to a holding location, or to a friend or relative who can sign for you, but we cannot re-ship without the signature required service. If you do not wish for us to re-ship the order, we can issue a refund of the purchase price less any shipping or return shipping fees that have applied.