Returns & Refund Assistant - Claims For Errors, Defects, & Damage 

Drashon, Lead CSR

I'm very sorry to hear that there's been a problem with your purchase. 

Let's see if we can determine which portion of the returns & refunds policy applies to your situation, so we can get this taken care of for you!

What's the nature of the problem?

I want to check out your returns
policy before I order.
There was a problem with my
purchase and  I think I need to
make a claim for damage, errors, or
The item I purchased doesn't fit.
The color of the item that arrived isn't what I expected.
I was not satisfied with the item I received
I think you sent me the wrong item by mistake
My shipment was missing an item, or arrived dirty or damaged
I think the item I received was made incorrectly or has a flaw
I just want to return my recent
purchase, I don't need to
make a claim.