Chinoiserie is a decorative style based on Chinese and East Asian aesthetics, design, and subject matter.

Chinoiserie is the Western interpretation and imitation of Chinese and East Asian design especially in the decorative arts, garden design, architecture, literature, theatre, and music. It began due to the rise of trade with the Far East in the 1700s.

Orientalism, which is the study of Far East cultures from a historical, philological, anthropological, philosophical and religious point of view that captivated Westerners in the 1800s. It gave rise to Oriental-influenced decorative arts.

Subject matter and style tends to focus on far eastern (Japanese and Chinese) decorative arts but can also include the influence of Middle Eastern styles such as Moorish and Byzantine architecture.  Chinoiserie is elaborate and heavily decorative.

Patterns include geometrical designs inspired by architecture and Asian-inspired scenes on toile or as decorative accents on furniture.