Arabesque patterns are Western decorative motifs influenced by the Islamic architectural decorative style. The floral designs work with Bohemian or boho chic decor. The geometric designs are popular in transitional and modern decor.

The decorative style evolved from Byzantine depictions of leaves and vines to Islamic art and architecture consisting of elaborate interlacing scrolls, geometric patterns, vegetation and calligraphy.

 Arabesque floral designs are repeating patterns featuring of vines and "half-palmettes" which  were a familiar motif in Egyptian architecture. These more ornate floral designs are used for Bohemian or boho chic to give an international flair.

The geometric arabesques were typically used in architecture including carvings and tiles as the patterns were specifically designed to repeat continually. Modern interpretations of the geometric arabesque patterns include designs commonly referred to as Moorish trellis, Moroccan trellis, or Moroccan tile. This pattern has become popular in transitional decor.

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