Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law - 5 Good Reasons Not to Cut the Tags Off Your Chair Pads [Slideshow]

Did you know cushions are subject to the same state and federal health, fire safety, and sanitation regulations as mattresses?  Here are five good reasons not to cut the tags off your chair pads.


So why all the hubbub? The tags are meant to protect the consumer from shady dealers who try to pass off yucky used mattresses as new mattresses...Or questionable manufacturers who would otherwise try to cut corners by using flammable fill like sawdust or other hazardous materials.

Once you’ve decided a return won’t be necessary, you’re welcome to cut the tags off your cushions or mattresses. We suggest that you store your care tag with your warranties after you cut it off, so you can look up the fabric content and care instructions when you are ready to wash your chair pads.

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