• Barnett Home Decor Sturdy Drawstrings

    Sturdy Drawstrings

    Sturdy drawstrings hold your cushion in place, more secure than grippers and last years longer than elastic.

  • Hand Crafted goods by Barnett Home Decor


    All of our bar stool cushions are hand-crafted by skilled sewers, no automation, no cutting corners.

  • Barnett Home Decor Durable Fabrics That Last

    Durable Upholstery Fabrics

    Our Fabrics are selected & tested to withstand years of use: 15,000-55,000 double rubs.

  • Barnett Home Decor Latex Foam Filled Cushions

    Latex Foam Fill

    Our bar stool cushions are filled with Latex Foam for premium comfort that lasts longer than other foams, and won't go flat (unlike polyester fiber fill).

  • Adjustable Yokes Bar Stool Cushions Barnett Home Decor

    Adjustable Yokes

    Our adjustable yokes fit most round barstools with bare wood or bare metal seats.

  • Machine Washable Cushions by Barnett Home Decor

    Machine Washable

    Machine Washable cushions come out looking like new. Throw the entire cushion into the washer to refresh fabric & foam.



Our standard bar stool cushions fit most round stools with a seat 12"-14" in diameter, and 1"-2" thick.

For larger barstools, our XL bar stool covers fit most round stools with a seat 14"-16" diameter, and 1"-2".

However, it's important to measure the diameter and thickness of your bar stool seat before ordering.

Visit our Size Guide for tips on selecting the right cushions for your stools, and to view cushions for saddle stools and tolix stools.

Why you should buy from Barnett Home Decor

Family Owned, Family Operated

Why should I buy from Barnett Home Decor?

As a privately owned company, we don't have to cut corners to satisfy shareholders with big profit margins. We only have to please our customers with our quality.

These days, sustainability means more than just making a product that will last 10+ years. That's why we source our 100% pre-consumer recycled latex foam fill from US suppliers and don't use unnecessary plastic in our packaging.

We also offer a wide selection of sustainable fabric choices, from 100% Cotton, to outdoor fabrics made without potentially harmful chemical treatments, to 100% Olefin options, the fabric with the lowest carbon footprint according to the Higgs index.



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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions About Bar Stool Cushions

How do the barstool cushions stay on the stool? Are the bar stool covers elastic?

Our barstool cushions feature an adjustable drawstring yoke that lasts longer than elastic, is more secure than a gripper, and can be adjusted to fit most round bar stools.

Place the bar stool cushion on the seat, pull the matching yoke down over the sides of the barstool seat, and tighten the drawstring to pull the yoke taught under the seat. Tie a strong bow or knot. You can tuck the drawstring and bow under the yoke if you want it to be hidden.

How do you wash the barstool covers? Is the bar stool cushion removable?

Most of our bar stool covers are machine washable (tapestry covers are spot clean). The bar stool cushion is inside the cover and it is not removable; washing the cushion will refresh the latex foam inside. Just tighten the drawstring, tuck the bow inside the yoke, and toss the whole thing in the washing machine.

See Care Instructions 

Can the bar stool covers be used outside?

Not all of our barstool covers can be used outdoors, but we do have a selection of bar stool cushions that are safe to use outside.

Our outdoor bar stool cushions are made with fabrics that resist fading and protect themselves against mildew damage.

Be sure to select one that says "indoor / outdoor" in the product title.

View Outdoor Barstool Covers collection

What kind of fill is inside the cushions? Is is safe? How long will it last?

Barnett bar stool cushions are filled with latex foam for premium comfort that never goes flat!

Latex foam lasts years longer than other foams and offers better support.

Many of our customers are worried about potentially harmful off-gassing that memory foam is known for. Memory foam is not the same thing as latex. Memory foam is made of polyurethane. Latex foam is made from natural and / or synthetic rubber.

My bar stool is 14", should I get size Standard or size Extra-Large?

As long as the seat is 1"-2" thick, either size will fit a stool with a 14" diameter round seat.

The cushion inside the size standard stool cover is approximately 13" and the cushion inside the XL cover is approximately 15".

Because the cushion, cover, and yoke are all sewn together, the size of the cushion inside is something your guests probably won't notice.

Most of our customers are very happy with the size Standard cushion for a 14" stool in looks and comfort. Larger persons may find the XL cushion slightly more comfortable.

Where can I find more information if my question wasn't answered here?

You can view more Frequently Asked Questions in the FAQs section of our website. You can also find information and resources on the Customer Service page.

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