After You Order

We're so glad you decided to order from us! We know our prices might be a little higher than the cheaply made import products you could purchase from a big box store, but our products are proven to last years longer. And with your purchase today, you're helping to support 24 American families right here in Georgia.  We're striving to keep a 129 year old tradition of craftsmanship alive. Thank you for supporting Made in USA products!

Here are some things we recommend that you do after you order:

  • Please check your order confirmation right away to be sure everything on your order is correct.  If you accidentally ordered the wrong size, color, or quantity, or gave us the wrong address, we need to know before your order ships, otherwise you would be responsible for any shipping costs, return shipping costs and/or re-shipping costs.
  • As soon as your order is delivered, please open the box and inspect everything to be sure your order is complete, correct, and free of flaws.  Please don't assume the order is ok just because the box looks fine; shipping carriers have been known to repackage damaged shipments in a fresh box without informing the sender or receiver.  
  • Please contact us right away if there's anything wrong with your order! If we've made a mistake we won't be satisfied until we make it right.
  • Please don't remove the tags or let the item get dirty before you decide if a return will be necessary.  If you need to try a cushion on a chair or stool, be sure it's dry and clean first.  
  • After your cushions arrive, they may appear smaller than advertised, or unevenly filled.  Don't worry!  They may have gotten slung around in the back of the shipping truck, but they'll recover!  Just gently tug outwards on the corners, then sit on the cushions to allow the shredded foam fill to distribute evenly.  It may take a little while, but with regular use, your cushions will bounce back to their full size and proper shape.
  • Please read the care instructions on the label before cleaning.  We recommend that you save the label for future cleaning, these cushions will last for years.
  • Please come back and review the items you purchase so other shoppers will know how great we are ; )  If we grow big enough maybe we'll be able to offer free shipping someday, wouldn't that be nice?