Design Inspiration: Turquoise & Red Dining Room with Boho Vibes

Design Inspiration: Turquoise & Red Dining Room with Boho Vibes

Design Inspiration:
Turquoise & Red Dining Room with Boho Vibes

A lively combination of turquoise, red & tangerine come together for a colorful take on a Bohemian-inspired dining room.

Red & Teal is a caliente color trend that's been picking up fanatatic followers in contemporary and vintage kitchen design -but turquoise, red & tangerine was a classic boho look even before the red & teal kitchen craze. For this dining room design, we're bringing the flavor to an eclectic Boho inspired look featuring Agave Multi chair pads by Barnett Home Decor, mismatched dining chairs, a hand-crafted dining table, a custom designed collection of Fiestaware, a fun DIY centerpiece and a fabulous oriental rug.

A unified color palette of turquoise, red and tangerine, with accents of green, brings a cohesive feel to the eclectic mix of textures and styles in this Boho Chic dining room.

Red & Teal dining chair pads in a hand-painted Boho chic style.

Blending colorful textiles in lively patterns is a signature look for Boho decor, and the joyful movement of a paisley print gives off the vibe we're looking for!  Agave Multi Dining Chair Pads by Barnett Home Decor are hand-crafted by skilled sewers and covered in a hand-painted watercolor style paisley print that will be right at home among your collection of Boho textile treasures.  Worked in scarlet red and turquoise, with accents of tangerine and a hint of  lemongrass, Agave cushions are printed on an ivory colored 100% cotton fabric with a linen texture.  A set of matching chair pads will bring all of your whimsically mismatched dining chairs together.

Agave Greystone Dining Chair Cushions - Barnett Home Decor - Red, Turquoise, & Orange Paisley

An eclectic mix of chairs 

Mismatched dining chairs are true to the Bohemian chic for mixing a variety of styles, and are so fun to find at thrift stores and flea markets! Paint multiple style chairs in one color or paint matching chairs in multiple colors to capture this look; accessorizing with matching chair pads will pull the room together. Our chair pads come in two sizes to get the perfect fit, even with mismatching chairs of different styles or sizes.

The Modway Enact chair, available in red or orange, captures the romantic feel of Boho style with swooping curves instead of hard angles.  Mix and match with Distressed Metal Industrial Dining Side Chairs by Best Choice Products, available on Amazon in red, turquoise, white, or black.  Round out the look with an heirloom antique or even that leftover from your first apartment -Boho embraces well-loved textures and patinas from any era. 

Hand-crafted dining table from reclaimed wood

Barnett Home Decor is proud to be part of a growing hand-craft manufacturing scene in Macon, Georgia. We love the old-world feel of Georgia Artisan's Hour Glass Trestle Table made from locally sourced reclaimed wood .  The chunky slabs of re-purposed wood provide a yang element to help balance the yin elements that appear frequently in boho decor.   If the hourglass style table is too weighty for the size of your dining room try the Boho Hairpin Leg Table by Magnolia Home.


It's no secret we're Fiestaware fanatics. We've designed a custom Fiestaware collection for our Boho Dining Room with Feista's Colorama tool. For the Agave Bright Boho (1) collection, the place setting is a mix of scarlet and turquoise with accents of tangerine and lemongrass. For the Agave Bold Boho (2) collection we introduce claret as an accent color. And if you don't fancy our lemongrass salt shaker's or turquoise bowls, the Colorama tool allows you to build your own color coordinated set and create a shopping list (or wedding registry). 

DIY: A living garden centerpiece in a hand-painted bowl

Hand-painted in vibrant colors, in festive florals and dazzling kaleidoscopic patterns, the Talavera Poblana Majolica style pottery of Puebla Mexico is a heaven-sent find for your Boho dining table centerpiece.  Borrowing from European, indigenous Amerindian, Chinese, and Arab design influences, the eclectic style evolved in Mexico and uses all-natural clays and glazes. 

Follow Country Living's step by step tutorial to build your own succulent garden centerpiece.  Or make a fairy moss garden with live moss.  If you're not a green thumb, fear not -preserved moss is available in most craft stores and will remain forever green.

A bodacious Boho-inspired oriental rug

Bohemian style comes down to us from a cultural movement that began in the early 1800's, when rebellious artists and intellectuals emulated the style and attitude of central European gypsies who were idolized as icons of freedom and romance.  Boho chic still celebrates romance and freedom of expression, and still plays on visual cues that evoke exoticism and voluptuousness. A fabulous oriental rug can bring luscious textures, colors and patterns to your Boho dining room.  Plus you can be fearless in selecting bold colors or busy details that might feel intimidating on other furnishings.

It is best to select a rug that extends 24” past the table on all sides so that each chair may rest comfortably on the rug even when pulled out. A 5’x8’ rug would be best suited for areas seating 2-4 people. A 7’ or 9’ round rug would be best placed under a square table seating 4-6 people. For spaces accommodating 6-8 people, we recommend a 8’x10’ or 9’x12’ rug.

Our first choice for the Bright Boho  dining room is the Pamela Orange Area Rug (right), a distressed oriental rug in orange and teal. available in three sizes to fit most dining tables seating 2-8.  For a small bistro dining table that seats 2-4, consider the 5'x8' or 6'x6' Amersterdam Safavieh rug in red (top left); this red and orange starburst design will play up a Boho dining room with a mid-century bent.  If turquoise is your passion, consider the Brandt Turquoise Area rug (middle left); this acrylic rug features a weathered medallion motif that plays nicely Boho's "previously owned" aesthetic, and it's available in several sizes for tables seating 2-10.  If your Boho style leans to hippie chic, you'll love the intricate henna pattern and colors of the Neuilly Terracotta/Brown Area Rug (bottom left).

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