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Red Poppy Printable for Memorial Day

Red Poppy Printable for Memorial Day

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Free Printable! Download a template pdf to make red poppies for Memorial Day and honor those we've lost in service to our country.


  1. Download the free pdf template.
  2. Print on 8.5 x 11 letter sized paper
    1. Print on red paper if you have any
    2. Or print on white paper and color in with red crayon, marker, or non-toxic paint
  3. Cut out each piece.
  4. On the large circle piece, cut down the dotted line on one side, do not cut both dotted lines. Cut from the edge to the center, stop at the center.
  5. Pull the cut edge towards the dotted line to create a slight cone shape. Use tape or school glue to seal the cone.
  6. Place the three-part blossom over the round piece, push through a split pin or stick on with tape or glue.
  7. On the smallest piece, cut one slit from edge to center and create a slight cone shape in the same way as step four.
  8. Use tape or glue to stick the smallest piece on top of the three-part piece.
    1. Add a black or dark brown pom pom to the center.
    2. Add a green pipe cleaner for a stem.
    3. String with a needle and yarn to create a garland.
    4. Create a pomander by sticking many blossoms to a styrofoam ball with black pearl push pins.
Modified from for use in the United States. Image credits craftnhome.