Returns & Refund Assistant: Order Fulfillment Error Claims

Customer Service Supervisor

We're very sorry to learn that there's a problem with your order! We work hard to ensure that your order is correct, but if we made a mistake, we hope you will give us a chance to make it right.

What is an "order fulfillment error"?

An "order fulfillment error" occurs when the seller sends the buyer the wrong item, the wrong quantity of items, or sends the item(s) with options or features the buyer did not select.

If we made such an error, we will be sure to fix it ASAP with a free replacement or full refund.  Of course, if we need you to return anything we will either send you a prepaid return label or reimburse the cost of standard ground shipping.

What is not an order fulfillment error?

To prevent any misunderstandings, we're going to discuss some areas that consumers sometimes think would be considered an order fulfillment error, but which are more likely covered under a standard returns policy.  But don't worry, we're not trying to get out of responsibility for legitimate claims, our 127 year old reputation is far too important to us.  If you are visiting this page because you're having a problem with one of the following, please read that section to see if your return would be covered under the Order Fulfillment Error, or Standard Returns Policy.

I was sent the wrong size
I was sent the wrong color
The pattern placement doesn't look like the product listing photo
I want to check out your returns
policy before I order.
There was a problem with my
purchase and  I think I need to
make a claim for damage, errors, or
I just want to return my recent
purchase, I don't need to
make a claim.

How is an Order Fulfillment Error claim handled?

In many cases, we will be able to confirm an order fulfillment error by checking our own records, or just by your detailed description of what you received.

In some cases we may ask for a photo of what you received.  If you know how to attach a photo to an email, that's a quick way to send it to us.  If you have a smartphone you can take a picture with your phone, then start a live chat with us on our website.  If you click on the paperclip in the live chat it should open the folder where your photos are stored on your phone, and you can attach your photo to the live chat message.  You could also use Facebook Messenger to send your photo in a private message.

In cases where we can verify the error from our records, with your description, or from your photo, we can send a pre-paid return shipping label.  If you have a disability or other special circumstances that make it difficult for you to drop off the return package at the post office or UPS store, we can send the carrier to pick up the return package from your home or office. 

In some cases, we will need to inspect the item to confirm that an error has been made; in those cases, return shipping will be refunded upon confirmation of a fulfillment error.  If you request pre-paid return shipping and our inspection shows that the item was not defective and no order fulfillment errors were made, pre-paid return shipping will be deducted from your refund.  This is the same return shipping policy for home decor items that Amazon.com and Houzz uses.

I want to check out your returns
policy before I order.
There was a problem with my
purchase and  I think I need to
make a claim for damage, errors, or
I just want to return my recent
purchase, I don't need to
make a claim.

Order Fulfillment Error Claim Form

Please submit the form below so we can be sure to collect as much information as we need with as little inconvenience to you as possible.  If you prefer to report your issue by phone, you can speak to a supervisor by calling 1-478-745-1663, Monday-Friday, 9:00a-4:30p US EST.

Fields marked with an * are required

I received someone else's order; someone else's name and address are on the packing slip enclosed in the box, but my address is on the shipping label on the outside of the box.
My name and address are on the packing slip, but the items in the box are completely different than the items listed on my packing slip & order confirmation.
I received the correct items, but I also received additional items that I did not order.
I received the correct product style, but it did not have the optional features I ordered (i.e. a table runner without the trim).
I received the correct product style, but it's a completely different color; I'm sure it's not due to a difference in my monitor.
I believe the item(s) I received do not match the listed approximate dimensions within stated tolerance, when measured at the widest points, after following unboxing instructions and allowing for a breaking-in period.
Other, I'll explain in the comments.
Yes, I can definitely send a photo.
Maybe, if you can walk me through how to do it on my smartphone.
Maybe, if I have to, but it sounds like a real chore.
No, I don't have a smartphone or a digital camera.
Yes, that would be great! I can print it out and make my own arrangements for pick-up or drop-off.
No, I don't have a printer, please print the label out and send it by USPS 1st Class Mail. I will drop it off or call the phone number on the label for pick-up.
I'll ship them back without a pre-paid label, you can just refund my return shipping costs for standard ground rate shipping after you confirm the error.
I have a disability or require additional assistance, please call me to make special arrangements.
I prefer to receive a full refund of the purchase price & original shipping, plus a refund of regular ground return shipping it if wasn't prepaid.
I prefer to receive a replacement. If this item has been discontinued and cannot be replaced, I would like to consider an alternate item or equal or greater value. I understand I will have the opportunity to approve or decline any substitute.
I prefer to receive a replacement, but if this item has been discontinued I prefer to receive a refund.
I would prefer to keep the item(s) I received and make arrangements to receive a partial refund or pay the difference if the price is not the same.
I'm just contacting you to offer to return the extra items that came in addition to what I ordered.

We will review your claim during normal business hours and respond as soon as possible.