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On this page you'll find information for customers who have questions after their order arrives.

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How do I write a review for my purchase or post photos ?

Three months after purchase you will receive an invitation by email to write a product review and upload a photo of your purchase.  This is to ensure that reviews are written by verified purchasers and that reviewers have had the item long enough to give an honest evaluation.  If you would like to write a review sooner please contact customer service to request your email invitation and we will send it right away.

More information about receiving Rewards Points for submitting a photo with your review

I purchased Route shipping insurance at checkout, how do I make a claim for a lost, stolen or damaged shipment?

We're sorry to learn that there's been a problem with your shipment!  If you selected Route shipping insurance at checkout, Route sent you a claims link by email at purchase. Just find the email in your inbox and click the claims link to instantly pre-fill your claims form. Route will respond within 24 hours.

Route provides a refund direct to the customer, and will place a replacement order for the customer if they wish to receive a replacement.

If you cannot find your Route claims email, or if you need further assistant, you can call Customer Service at 1-478-745-1663, Monday-Friday 9:00a-4:30p EST.

There's a problem with my order, how do I file a claim for refund or replacement?

If you discovered a problem with your order after it arrived we want to help you with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

We suggest that you click the button below to be taken to our virtual returns and refunds assistant.  You will be guided to the appropriate information for your specific situation and we can collect specific information we need from you to handle your issue without delay.

Returns & Refunds Assistant: Problem With My Order

If you prefer, you can call Customer Service at 1-478-745-1663, Monday-Friday 9:00a-4:30p EST, to discuss the issue with a supervisor. 

Please do not refuse delivery or return to sender; you may forfeit a portion of your refund if you do not obtain a return authorization, if a return is needed. 

Can I return my order if there'e nothing wrong with it, but I decided not to keep it?

Of course, you can return any purchase in new condition for any reason within 30 days.  Please click on the button below for more information and to request your return authorization. 

Please do not refuse delivery or return to sender; your order may be subject to additional or deductible expenses if you do not enclose your return authorization with your return shipment.

My order was exposed to rain when the delivery person left it at my door.

If your package was rained on after it was left by the delivery person, we understand how disappointing that can be, but please don't worry! All of our products (even the ones that say spot clean or dry clean) will be perfectly fine if they get wet from rain water -as long as they are promptly un-boxed and laid out or hung up to air dry. We understand that peeling open a soggy box and laying your items out to dry may be unpleasant, but in over 60 years, we have yet to have a single report of an item suffering from color bleed or water rings after getting exposed to rain water. Rest assured, if your items suffer any permanent damage from being exposed to rain water on the day of delivery, we will provide a refund or replacement.

Please note, this policy does not cover refund or replacement for items that were left to mildew or develop unpleasant odor after failing to unbox the items and allow them to dry. Claims for items that arrived mildewed or spoiled on the day of delivery must be reported immediately.

More information about why most our shipments are not wrapped in plastic

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Linda, Customer Service Supervisor

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