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On this page you'll find shipping and order information for customers who have already placed their order, but whose order hasn't arrived yet.

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Address Corrections

How do I change or correct my shipping address?

To change or correct your shipping address please contact our Customer Service Department immediately, please call during business hours or email after business hours.

Requests to change or correct your shipping address will be handled on a best efforts basis.

More information about charges for shipping address changes
More information for UPS My Choice Members
Combining Orders

How do I add to my order or ship two orders together?

You may place a second order online or by phone, but in either case, please call during business hours to ask for your orders to be shipped together.

If your first order has not already shipped it will be held until your second order is ready.

If we are able to ship both orders together, and if this results in a lower shipping and handling cost, we will issue a partial shipping refund which will appear on one of your orders.

We reserve the right to apply separate shipping fees to each order if they cannot be packed together, and/or handling fees if either order would have to be re-packed. 

Requests to ship multiple orders together will be handled on a best efforts basis.

More information about charges for combined shipping
Order Cancellations

How do I cancel my order or delete an item from my order?

Please contact our Customer Service Department immediately, please call during business hours or email after business hours. We will respond to your cancellation request during business hours.

Cancellation & deletion requests will be handled on a best efforts basis.

More information about refunds for cancellation or deletion
More information about cancelling orders that have already shipped
Address Validation

Why did I receive a notice that you couldn't validate my address?

Address validation is a look-up service in which the shipping carrier's computer checks if your address is within their delivery area and is a valid delivery address. We attempt to validate all addresses before shipping to prevent undeliverable shipments whenever possible. 

Whenever possible, we will attempt to correct minor issues like abbreviations for you. If we are unable to validate your address, we may hold your order until you can be reached. You can respond with an address correction or alternate address, or you can request that we ship without address validation.

Your order may be cancelled or shipped without address validation if you do not respond to our notification.

More information about why your address may have failed validation
More information about shipping without address validation
More information about failure to respond to an address validation request
Signature Required

My order was shipped signature required, what can we do if I won't be home to sign for it?

If no one is home to sign for the package, the carrier will leave a notice for you. You will have several options, which typically include:

  • Rescheduling the delivery for a time someone will be home (evening and weekend hours may be available)
  • Holding the package at a nearby pick-up location with weekend or evening hours
  • Leaving the package with a neighbor of your choice
  • Changing the delivery address
  • UPS My Choice members may have additional options
You can either select a convenient option on the notice the delivery person leaves for you, or go online with your tracking number to select an option.  You may have more options and locations available than those listed on the notice; most options are free, some may require additional payment.  Customer Service can help you find a convenient pick-up location if you need assistance. 

More information about UPS My Choice
More information about who can sign for Signature Required deliveries
More information about refusal to claim packages

Where is my order?

Order Notifications

Order Notifications

Please check your order notifications to see when you should expect your order to ship, and to see your tracking number to track your shipment.  If you opted in at checkout, you will receive order status and delivery notifications via Facebook Messenger.  Here's when to expect your order notifications by email:

  • Immediately after placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation.
  • Within 24 hours of ordering, you will receive a Thank You email.
  • By 11:30a the first business day after placing your order, you will receive a Special Order or Backorder notice if any of the items were not in-stock.
  • Within 1-3 business days, you will receive a shipping notice with tracking number, if your items were in stock.
  • Within 1-3 weeks, you will receive a shipping notice with tracking number, if your items were Special Order or Backorder.

Your order notifications will come from customerservice at barnetthomedecor.com or customerservice at barnettproducts.com.  Please check your email inbox, spam folder or junk mail folder.  If you cannot find your order notifications, please contact Customer Service to verify your correct email address and we will resend your order notifications.

Estimated Order Processing & Shipping Times

In-Stock Items by Priority Mail - Allow 1-3 business days (excluding weekends) for order processing plus 1-2 days for shipping (excluding Sundays)

When estimating how long it will take for an in-stock item to arrive, don't forget to add the order processing time to the total shipping time estimate.  For example, if you selected Priority Mail as your shipping method with an estimated time in shipment of 2 days, you would add 1-3 business days for order processing for a total arrival estimate of 3-5 days.  If you do not receive your tracking number by email within 3 business days of ordering in-stock items, please contact Customer Service.

In-Stock Items by UPS Ground (Standard Shipping) - Allow 1-3 business days for order processing plus 3-7 business days for shipping
Allow 1-3 weeks for us to make special order & backordered items

I got a notification that my order shipped but I haven't gotten a delivery notification and my order should have been here by now

Your tracking number may have changed if it appears your package was never picked up by carrier

If tracking your package shows that a shipping label was created, but the package has never been picked up and scanned by the shipping carrier, you may see a tracking status with a message similar to "Waiting For Package To Arrive At Carrier Facility".  If your shipping label was created after the daily scheduled carrier pickup, you should see an update to this by the end of the next business day.

If you still see this status the next business day, please contact Customer Service.  Your original shipping label was most likely voided and recreated on the day of shipment due to a smudge, misprint or printer jam, and the tracking number update email with the correct tracking number either did not go out to you, or went to your spam folder.

Your shipping carrier may be delayed
If tracking shows there may have been a problem with your shipment
If tracking shows your shipment is being returned to sender

I got a notification that my order was delivered but I don't have my package

Your shipment may not have been "left at front door"

If you have received a delivery notice, or tracking shows that your package was left at your front door, but you did not find your package waiting at your front door, please check first if any of the following apply to you:

  • The package was taken in for you by a neighbor or relative who may have forgotten to tell you about it.

  • The package was left at a side door or back door, behind a grill or potted plant, or other out of sight location.

  • The package was received to the a front office, lobby or guardhouse of a residential complex or workplace.
Although these may seem like common-sense solutions, checking these three item resolves about eight out of ten missing package inquiries.  If you have ruled out the above three most frequent reasons, read the next section, "Your delivery notification may have been sent in error".

Your delivery notification may have been sent "in error"

Investigative journalists report that 10-20% of packages reported as "delivered" are actually still at the carrier shipping facility, and will be delivered 1-3 days later.  USPS employees confidentially reported to the journalists that some managers scan packages as "delivered" or "delivery attempted" as soon as the packages reach the regional depot. Reportedly, the delivery notifications are falsified because the manager's salaries would be lower if they fail to meet estimated delivery times due to reasons such as understaffing or high seasonal volume. Similar situations have been reported by UPS employees and FedEx customers.

If you have received a delivery notice but were unable to find your package after checking around the property, with family and neighbors, please contact us. We will initiate an investigation and it is likely that your package will "turn up".  

Source: https://fox13now.com/2017/12/04/postal-workers-in-utah-across-nation-cite-delivery-problems/

Your shipment may be held for pick-up or re-delivery

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