Barnett Home Decor Travel Buddies bone shaped pillows support the head, neck and shoulders and relieve discomfort while traveling!  Made in machine washable fabrics, with lock-stitched seams and durable latex foam fill that never goes flat, these little miracles will survive the rigors of frequent flier miles and daily commutes.  Try a Travel Buddy in the bedroom and wake up feeling great. Headache and neck pain sufferers report relief when using bone-shaped pillows to support the head, neck and shoulders in proper alignment while sleeping in bed. Buy an extra Travel Buddy for the living room to enjoy napping in a favorite chair, reading, or watching TV on the couch without getting a "crick in the neck". Take your Travel Buddy to the office for lumbar support or bring your Travel Buddy to yoga. Side Sleepers: Use Travel Buddy to separate the knees while sleeping on your side and be amazed by how proper sleeping posture can relieve lower back, hip and leg pain. Buy a few extras and you'll be prepared for when your family and friends permanently "borrow" your Travel Buddy.

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