Monochromatic Color Scheme


A monochromatic color scheme consists of a single color in varying tints and hues.

If you wish to make the lines of your furniture stand out, consider simple, solid colors that do not distract from form. A monochromatic scheme can also create a sense of harmony in a room where styles might otherwise clash.

A popular trend with cottage and shabby chic decors is to populate a room with white chalk painted furniture and add small bits of one or two accent colors for a harmonious and light feeling. (Painting mismatched pieces of used furniture with the same color is a great way to coordinate otherwise disparate.)

Monochromatic schemes are a great way to liven up rooms that are mainly neutral. Start with a "neutralized" color space either based on warm (browns, tans, and beige) or cool (grey, black, and white). Bring in a single color by adding art, accents, and decor.

If you are wanting to achieve a cohesive monochromatic scheme where much of the room is saturated in the same color, color matching is extremely important. Order sample swatches of fabric and brush paint samples on the walls to compare colors under the lighting conditions of the room.  We encourage our customers to order fabric swatches to get the perfect hue.