Have you thought of selling it on Amazon.com or Ebay?

Have you thought of selling it on Amazon.com or Ebay?

If you're not pleased with our standard returns policy, or if your item isn't eligible for return, selling your item on Amazon.com, Ebay, or other marketplaces is a great way to get compensated for an item you no longer want or couldn't use. And instead of paying return shipping, the buyer pays for shipping when you sell your item.

To sell an item on Amazon.com, just go to the product page and look for "Have one to Sell? Sell on Amazon" under the add to cart box.  Register to sell on Amazon as an individual, not a pro. Individual sellers on Amazon pay just 99 cents to Amazon if the item sells, and pay nothing to Amazon if the item does not sell.  (Pro sellers pay a monthly fee).

If the item you want to sell isn't listed on Amazon, you can create your own listing for anything on Ebay. Or use a Facebook or Cell Phone App or Craigslist to sell your item locally.  If you'll be selling locally, check out these safety tips.

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