Color Story: Cool Gray and Sunny Yellow

Color Story: Cool Gray and Sunny Yellow

Grey and Yellow Prove Opposites are Attractive

 We have taken the colors from our Agave Greystone fabric (available in tie-up valances, cafe valances, chair pads, throw pillows, and rocker cushion sets) and created a sophisticated decor and by adding "just enough" color to make the room shine. A neutral gray room is brightened up with touches of yellow to bring a pleasingly calm yet warm feel. These colors encompass the perfect spring day where a cool breeze makes the air deliciously mild while the sun shines brightly overhead.

As Goldilocks would say, "It's not too hot and not too cold. It's just right."

This style is easy to accomplish starting with either a cool base of greys or even a warmer base of beige. Designing around a neutral base as it allows you to easily change up the look and feel of a room by changing out the accessories while not investing in new larger pieces such as sofas and dining room tables. If you like to change your decor as often as you change your mood, accessorizing with color and pattern is ideal. (Might I suggest a throw pillow or two or four?)

In this case, the base consists of cooler grays and which are selectively touched with accents of yellow. It can be as simple as adding a new set of chair pads to your transitional dining set, adding a few throw pillows to your mid-century couch, or changing up your valances for a colorful pop to an otherwise neutral room.

We also add the element of pattern to the mix with the paisley pattern featured in our Agave Greystone. If you want to experiment with patterns more than color, try our Tibet Mandalas Grey chair pad and cafe valance or the bold Moroccan trellis print of our Fulton Ogee chair pad and rocker cushion set.

If you prefer to a diversity of textures  in neutral grays, our Brisbane Silver Grey chair pad offers a distinguished tweed weave in grey tones while our Hayden chair pads have a smoother linen finish in pewter grey.

Let the sun shine in and give this cool grey and sunny yellow combination a try in any room in your home. Whether you need a morning pick-me-up for your breakfast nook or a calm and collected look for your living room, never be afraid to experiment with color in moderation for a look that is "just right."

Get the Look

1Agave Greystone Tie-Up Valance

We have recently introduced our Agave Greystone fabric in a versatile Tie-Up Valance. Use one panel as a valance with tie-ups. Without the tie-ups, it can be used as a 27-inch tier when untied. Our Tie-Up valances work on continental rods and utility rods for the ultimate versatility.

Agave Greystone strikes the perfect balance of sophisticated and bohemian with its feathery paisley pattern and balance of neutral grays with a touch of yellow. The "black ties" add a contrasting touch which stands out elegantly. 

Agave Greystone Tie-Up Valance or Tier Curtain Window Treatments - Paisley

Unexpected Pop of Color

This sunny ceiling by Tara Seawright Interiors brightens up a small space in an unusual place. It proves you do not need a lot of a color to make it really stand out. In fact, carefully placed color accents draw the eye. If you have an area you want to show off, consider an accent wall or, in this case, ceiling. If it is a piece of furniture you want to showcase, add a throw pillow or chair pad.

Tara Seawright Interiors Yellow Kitchen Ceiling

Mix Up Patterns and Textures

This rug by Safavieh really pulls the room together. It's mostly grey with a hint of yellow which is exactly the color balance for our cool and sunny decor. The mottled design adds a nice organic feel to contrast with sleek transitional or modern furniture.

The Statement Piece

Just one will do. This lovely yellow Indiatlantic storage bench not only makes a statement but is functional, too. It is Perfect for a cozy corner window seat with plenty of room to stash your favorite books or hide your collection of seasonal throw pillows. It fits under a window in space that would ordinarily be underutilized. For a comfy seat, top it off with a bench cushion from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. Even if you  are not ready to make a bold statement, the bench also comes in a cool grey, black, and white for an ideal neutral base.

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