Casting Call

Barnett Home Decor is looking for the following types of furniture to audition for an upcoming photo-shoot

WHEN: Weekends or Weekdays at your convenience, During Daylight Hours, Duration is 1-3 hours

WHERE: Outside your gorgeous Macon, Georgia home

RATE: If your furniture is cast in the photo-shoot you will receive a voucher redeemable for either a free set of outdoor cushions for 1 rocking chair, or 50% off a set of outdoor cushions for a set of patio chairs (limit 4). Approximate Value $49.80 - $54.98.

ROLES:  We have supporting roles for the following types

We are especially looking for attractive outdoor furniture in good shape, any age, any color, any material. Must meet size requirements. No experience necessary. 

USE: Furniture will appear with Barnett Outdoor Cushions on barnetthomedecor.com, The Barnett Bulletin, Amazon.com, Wayfair, Houzz, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram

Send current photos via Live Chat or Facebook Messenger

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Registration Form

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Size Standard Porch Rocker (Seat: 16"D x 17"W Back: 16"W x 21"L)
Size XL Porch Rocker (Seat: 19.5"D x 19"W Back: 18"W x 23"L)
Size Small Outdoor Chair (15"D x 17"W)
Size Medium Outdoor Chair (16.5"D x 18"W)
Size Large Outdoor Chair (18"D x 20"W)
Size Standard Round Bistro Chair (16" Diameter)
Size Standard Round Bar Stool (12"-14" Diameter)
Size XL Round Bar Stool (14"-16" Diameter)
I have multiple outdoor furniture pieces in the sizes Barnett is looking for (Details in Comments Section)
Front Porch
Back Porch
Garden / Lawn Seating Area
Veranda / Gazebo / Lanai
Pool Deck
Outdoor Dining Area, Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor Bar
I have multiple outdoor spaces Barnett could use in a photo-shoot (Details in Comments Section)
Yes, I can attach photos to a Live Chat or Facebook Message (See Step 3 in next section below)
Yes, I can attach photos to an email, please contact me with details
I'm not sure, but I could probably figure it out if you walk me through it
No, I don't have a smart phone or digital camera

How to audition

1Measure your furniture

See the slide show for diagrams that show how to measure your furniture.  If you have furniture within 1"-2" of the size shown, you can audition!

2Complete the registration form

Register for Audition

3Send your headshots

Use your smart phone to take a few quick photos of the furniture and outdoor space you're auditioning for the photo-shoot. Your headshots will not be published, we just need to see if the furniture and surroundings are suitable for a photo-shoot. Attach your photos to a Live Chat or Facebook Messenger message.

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About Barnett Outdoor Cushions

Fade resistant, mildew resistant, stain resistant, and machine washable, with a selection of more than 30 outdoor fabrics to choose from, our indoor/outdoor cushions offer practical solutions in uncompromising style.  Barnett's cushions are filled with latex foam for premium comfort that lasts longer than other foams, and won't go flat (unlike polyester fiber fill). 

About the production

Barnett Home Decor

Barnett Home Decor is a woman-owned, family-run business that manufactures latex foam cushions and textile furnishings. We're located in the Payne City neighborhood of Macon, Georgia, in the historic Bellevue Mills building. 

We've been known for quality since 1889 and still hand-craft each cushion to our founder's old-fashioned standards of quality. Our cushions are carried by major mail order catalogs, are sold by furniture and decor dealers around the country, and are available online from marketplaces such as Amazon.com, Houzz and Wayfair.

Melissa Mahon

Ms. Mahon has credits as a writer, director, animator, narrator, and producer of numerous YouTube videos, including Our Story and Incorporating in Delaware for Non-Citizens.  She has also worked as a photographer and director of photography. 

Penny Kojak

Ms. Kojak has numerous credits as an art director, graphic designer and photographer, with experience in architectural and product photography including work for Lane Southern Orchards, Macon CVB, and Wesleyan College.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to audition?
Will I appear in the photos?
Who will be taking the photos? Will they supply their own equipment?
Can Barnett provide the furniture if I provide the location?
What about props or accessories?
Will I be paid for the use of my property?
Can I pick the cushions?

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Terms & Conditions

Offer is restricted to the homeowner(s) of the property. Property must be located in Macon, Georgia, USA; or within suitable traveling distance (to be determined at the discretion of Barnett Home Decor).  At least one homeowner must be at home for duration of photo-shoot. For safety, Homeowner(s) will agree to keep children and pets out of photo-shoot area for 1-3 hours during daylight hours.  Barnett Home Decor will decide which furniture and locations to shoot at its own discretion based on suitability for promotion of Barnett Products. To participate, Homeowner(s) must sign a release granting Barnett access to property for intended purposes at intended time and date; release may also specify other privileges, obligations, liabilities or hold harmless specifications related to use of the property for a photo-shoot.

If selected for a photo-shoot, upon successful completion of the 1-3 hour photo-shoot, the homeowner(s) will receive a prize voucher after the photo-shoot. The prize voucher can be redeemed for either a free set of Barnett indoor/outdoor seat and backrest cushions for one rocking chair, or 50% off a set of Barnettt patio cushions, bistro cushions or barstool cushions (limit 4). Prize voucher will be awarded for the same item of furniture photographed (ie. if we photograph your rocking chair you will receive a voucher for rocker cushions; if we photograph your bistro chairs you will receive a voucher for bistro cushions, etc), limit one voucher per household. No other payment or consideration is offered for the use of your furniture, your location, or use of the resulting photos. Homeowner(s) may have the opportunity to redeem the voucher immediately, or may be required to redeem the voucher online at barnetthomedecor.com. If homeowner receives a voucher for 50% off, homeowner must pay remaining 50% before receiving cushions. Homeowner(s) may redeem voucher towards any outdoor cushions available for sale at barnetthomedecor.com, subject to availability of supply.

Participants will be required to sign a release allowing Barnett and it's direct employees to use the furniture and location for the photo-shoot, and allowing Barnett to use the resulting photos. By registering, homeowner(s) agree Barnett Home Decor may use the resulting photos for any purpose related to cataloging, selling, marketing, or promoting Barnett Products, without further notice to homeowners, with or without crediting homeowners, and without further consideration.